LemonAid Fund donates to Ebola Line Ministries

By Mustapha Sesay

 Lemon Aid Fund in collaboration with Kid Around the World in the United States of America on Tuesday 27th January,2015 donated radios, batteries and cartoons of  dehydrated food stuff to Ebola line Ministries and the Council of  Churches in Sierra Leone.

At the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Project Manager of Lemon Aid Fund and also the Proprietress of Dele International High School, Allen Town Madam Madam Francess Brown gave a brief history about the establishment Lemon Aid Fund and the various strides they have been making in improving the welfare and the status of women organizations. She said the founder and philanthropist Dr. Nancy Peddle is currently in the United States of America working very hard with other organizations towards the sustainability of their programme.



With the outbreak of the Ebola virus, Madam Francess Brown made an appeal to Dr. Nancy Pellar in the United States of America who in turn contacted other philanthropists to come to the aid of the sponsored schools (staff and pupils) and women’s organizations.
In Freetown, the following schools: Lilian Preparatory School, Beckley Preparatory school, Goshen Primary school, Joshua Community school, the Dele Preparatory School and Dele International High School and the following organizations Shade Sierra Leone, Mission 4 Salone, RYDO, SLSW, YAGO, WRESL, AIM, FAHP, and Christian in Action have benefited from similar donations.

Since that time, sponsored schools, women’s organizations, communities and orphanages have been benefiting from the donations of Lemon Aid Fund.

As a way of targeting the Post Ebola period, the organization has thought it prudent to donated seventy radios and cartoons of batteries to the Ministry of Education.

Receiving the items on behalf of the Minister, the Permanent Secretary Mr. Prince Cole commended LemonAid Fund and prayed that they continue to provide more items that would help in the Post Ebola period.

The Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs Honourable Morjoh KaiKai noted that at this time, everyone has a role to play in the welfare of the children and that the donation came at the right time.

The caretakers of the Ebola survivals need a lot of items ranging from pots, household utensils, assorted food, and a lot more. It is hoped that the Founder Dr. Peddle and other philanthropists would work towards actualizing this vision of the Ebola survivors in the country.

The Minister assured that at the time of donation to the orphans, a representative of Lemon Aid Fund would be invited so that the beneficiaries would appreciate the work of the organization.

At the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brima Kargbo commended Lemon Aid for donation hundred cartoons of dehydrated food to the ministry and prayed that for more to come from the donors.

At the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone, the General Secretary Madam Ebon J Dekam expressed gratitude to Lemon Aid Fund for the donations and assured that the items would be distributed to the churches.

At the Banana Water section, forty children who received packets of food stuff donated by Lemon Aid Fund also praised God and hoped that Dr. Dr. Nancy Peddle, Kids Around the world and other donors continue their humanitarian gestures towards them in Sierra Leone.

Similar donations were made to several other churches in the country and orphanages.

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