Alton Bendu feeds the Poor and the Weak

One thousand five hundred poor households are set to benefit from Alton Bendu’s Rice Distribution Project coming up this week.

The purpose behind the project has been to support the government in its inclusive fight to end the stories of Ebola before April this year.

Communities around Lumley, Waterloo, Lungi suburbs and Rotifunk are to be the prime beneficiaries of this humanitarian gesture.

Also, this move is meant to identify with homes whose breadwinners have either lost their jobs or lives to the outbreak of Ebola.

Distribution is expected to commence late this week with only registered homes to benefit. It is to be done this way to avoid clustering of people, which may disregard effort to prevent gathering in the Public State of Emergency.


Registered homes for the supply of bags of rice will be reached without notification to prevent planned gathering. The one thousand five hundred bags of rice will be distributed in phases for the same purpose mentioned. Three hundred bags will be distributed on the first phase this week, beginning with Lumley.

This is Alton Bendu’s third project into the Ebola fight. In his initial stride, he donated his boat at Rotifunk to the service of health workers and community leaders for the distribution of soaps, medicines and food to distant communities in the coastal areas during the three-day lock-down. That effort went far afield reaching intended communities and sensitizing them about how to stay safe from Ebola.

His second project witnessed the shipping in of a 20-foot container entailing personal protective gears and chlorine to be distributed to hospitals where there is felt needs for Ebola materials. In this project, six hospitals received thousands of jackets, face masks, gloves among a large number of assorted items. The hospitals that benefited include Lumley Hospital, PCMH, Konkay Clinic, Waterloo Community Health Centre, Magburaka Hospital, 34 Military Hospital and Rotifunk Government Hospital.

The rice distribution project is going to be his third programme since Ebola broke out in the country.

Atea Technology Company is sponsoring the aforementioned project and has been the brain behind the construction of the boarding home of the Prosperity Girls High School in Rotifunk, a project that is still underway.

The Company has expressed sincere hope of doing more to support Alton Bendu on the road to identify with starving people during these trying times.

Speaking to newsmen early this week, Alton Bendu, a Sierra Leonean philanthropist residing in Norway, thanked Atea for being part of effort to support Government in the Ebola fight. “You are one among very few establishments that care about helping humanity. You wipe away my tears whenever I cry with my suffering people at home,” he said.

The climax of this project will lead to Mr. Bendu’s post-Ebola reformation programmes, which are on course awaiting the end of the biological war.

Alton Bendu is well known throughout the poor areas in Sierra Leone and even beyond for laying his life to the service of humanity. He has been in this for over a decade, reuniting people and giving meaning to the girl child. He has been called Hero in Norway and Father of the Weak in Sierra Leone ever since he chose this way through life.

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