By: Winstanley.R.Bankole. Johnson

In the early years following the reintroduction of Local councils, and just like Saul of Tarsus who in the Biblical times went all out to obtain “Letters Patents’ from the authorities to persecute and kill Christians for simply preaching Jesus as the Christ, Mr. Charles Mambu harassed the SLPP government of the late President Tejan-Kabbah (RIP) through the then notorious Decentralization Secretariat and obtained “authority” to also intimidate and if need be “dissolve’ all APC-led/dominated Local Councils.

Hoaxed Allegations

He succeeded at the Makeni City Council and in no time, Mayor Musa Mansaray was swiftly booted out on false and mischievously hoaxed allegations of financial impropriety which to date remains unproven, albeit leaving the poor man’s political ambition in tatters. Much surprisingly, our rather permanently panicky APC Party, swallowed that bait and promptly facilitated the exit of Mayor Mansaray from the Makeni City Council for fear that those unsavoury developments might impact adversely on our Party chances at the then pending 2007 elections.

With that trophy of political shenanigans and deceit over his shoulders, Mr. Charles Mambu then boastfully repeated over the airwaves that his next target was the Freetown City Council (FCC), where he claimed to have heard so much about my corrupt administration. And how the public gleefully awaited the outcome of that epic encounter with baited breath! The entire SLPP knew that targeting the FCC was key to their electoral victory but that with me at the helm of affairs at the FCC, that would always remain a pipe dream. I will pause the story line here for a full narration at the appropriate time.

“Tip Toe”

Suffice it to say that as many of my detractors have proved, even though I am as boneless as feaces, I can be very prickly. That is to say, you’re bound to tip toe if you dare stepped on me. So rather disappointingly, Mr. Charles Mambu never reached the FCC. To date, Mr. Mambu and I are neither friends nor enemies. We know each other very well – the kind of relationship that is akin only to that between the comic characters of “Andy Capp” and his mother-in Law, which has not only kept Flo’s marriage to Andy safe, but also elicited my interest in Mr. Mambu’s alleged public indictment for misappropriation of Ebola Funds allocated between himself personally and his Health For all Coalition Civil Society Outfit or to both of them, even as their fellow citizens died grotesque deaths. Hmmmmmmm!! “Ogiri bin dae cuss keindah all di tem?” So we’re all mere mortals after all??




The confusing and most intriguing – if not the annoying part of that entire nauseating political concert acted during the early days of Local Councils was that even after Mr. Charles Mambu had left a devastating trail of confusion within other APC-led or dominated Councils, the newly elected APC government, possibly lacking in a matching jocular comic spin doctor, began disbursing huge financial allocations to Mr. Mambu for his monotonous political sensitization ramblings across the country, none of which has added any value to the APC to date.

In aggregate, Mr. Mambu has earned more recognition and financial rewards from the APC than most committed Party stalwarts like us who sacrificed so much to bring it into government. This man, whose best attires like many of his ilk were crafted from cheap materials, soon began exuding expensive and profusely starched “Bamakos”, emitting rustling sounds as he struts the corridors of power, and with his arms half outstretched as if not to rumple the creases of his flowing gowns. In fact you’d forgiven to think he has not drunk some of the starch liquids himself.

“Neither Phin Nor Phen”

Finally like me, Mr. Charles Mambu is a mere mortal; prone to mistakes. And like Saul of Tarsus who reached his “Damascus” pursuing Christians, Mr. Mambu reached his own “Damascus” pursuing and illegally accessing Ebola Money with intent. Both experiences however engendered repentances and a righting of ways. That is to say whilst Saul became “Paul” and witnessed for God throughout unto his death, Mr. Mambu became publicly humiliated, dumbfounded, crest-fallen and even confounded- unable to utter as we would say in Krio “neither phin nor phen”.

And every much unlike as in other instances of alleged mismanagement of state resources, Mr. Mambu’s reticence has resonated throughout the CSO guild to the detriment of our country, in much the same way as Parliamentarians would appear to have marshaled to, and cosmetically managed the defenses of their member also alleged to have “double-dipped” into the Ebola Money. “Fordom for me……Ar fordom for you”.

Otherwise had Mr. Mambu’s case gone through the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) or regular Police prosecution the charges from my perspective would have included -: (1) Receiving Money Under False Pretences (2) Embezzlement (3) Larceny By Trick and (4) False Representation and Pretences – among others.

Mitigating Pleas

Quite surprisingly, a few have jumped to the defenses of some Ebola Money “Wahala” accused persons. In the case of Mr. Mambu, we are urged to consider his bravery to venture out into dangerous and almost impassable terrains to reach out to, and report on the initial phases of the Ebola outbreak as mitigating pleas, and to which I beg to disagree because we already have both an elected government and elected Honourable Parliamentarians in office, and he can’t be more sympathetic or responsible than either of those two institutions.

In English folklore, Robin Hood too had very good intentions, but the fact that King John was corrupt did not justify or mitigate his crime of raiding the rich to feed the poor. So he was just a criminal as too, because he accessed and distributed what was not his and without authority. And on the home front, no one has better illustrated that fact than the Hon deputy Speaker of Parliament and Chairman of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee Hon. Chernor Bah who, when addressing Mr. Charles Mambu concluded thus: “Mr. Charles Mambu, ………….and do you also know that you have participated in a criminal activity to defraud the people of this country and the state?” – Ref. FDP Newspaper of Tuesday 10th March 2015.

The paper unfortunately did not carry Mr. Mambu’s response, which to me simply means this matter, like many others remains inconclusive.


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