FAKE RAPE ALARM: Medical Doctor Clears Mahmud Tarawallie

For several months, weeks and days now, the former Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Mahmud Tarawallie has been having sleepless nights. Some of his relatives still believe that he is still going through this dilemma until the matter of rape slammed on him comes to an end and in his favour. If it ended as predicted in his favour, the former Minister would live to tell his horrible story and how he was relieved from his position as Deputy Minister with disgrace and left languishing in the city of Freetown and the Country as a whole.

Meanwhile, it would appear that light is beginning to show at the end of the tunnel for the former Deputy Minister of education as the trial unfolds at the High Court of Freetown, presided over by Justice A.H.Charm. It would be recalled that the trial commenced at the Magistrate Court, where the preliminary investigation started and will be completed at the High Court, when a final decision of guilty or not will be handed down by the Presiding Judge.

Defence Lawyer, Sulaiman Kabbah Koroma has reportedly maintained seal lips about the trial, but was quoted as saying quietly in certain quarters that the end justifies the truth and whether it was true or that it was an allegation made against his client by the alleged victim to see the back of his client from office and with disgrace will be made known shortly.

Tuesday this week, a renowned Medical Doctor who examined the victim when reported at the rainbow centre was invited to testify in court. The testimony of Dr. Matilda King under oath seemed to have allayed fears and put the minds of the doubting Thomases at ease who had earlier thought that the Deputy Minister will soon become a guest at the Pademba Road Maximum Prison. Under cross examination, Dr. King explained that during examination conducted on the victim, she observed no sign of violence used and no forceful penetration. “If there was a forceful penetration which could have caused any physical injury I would have indicated it in my report” Dr. King explained, and went on “The only thing under finding was a complete ruptured hymen, which she said was an old ruptured hymen” She concluded.

The hearing was described as interesting as there had been lots of inconsistencies that characterized the evidence of the victim and most of the prosecuting witnesses since the commencement of the trial, which could give rise to several speculations that the victim framed up an allegation of rape that she was not able to justify in Court.

Dr. King’s testimony may have collapsed the allegation and set the record straight for the court to get an insight of what really transpired behind closed doors that the victim wants the court to believe the contrary.

The trial continues on 11th March, 2013 when another prosecution witness is expected to testify in Court.

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