US DIPLOMAT IN FATAL CRASH As 9-Yr-old Girl In Serious Pain

Cerellia Davies was not the driver of the United States Embassy Vehicle when the driver whose identity has now been concealed by the US. Embassy in Freetown hit a 9-yr-old-teen along Fourah Bay College Road, University of Sierra Leone.

It was April 1st 2015 when the unidentified driver was on motion with Cerelia Davies occupying the passenger seat. What went wrong that led to the fatal accident which could have ended the life of Esther Bangura, a Class 5 pupil is not clear. Whether the US Diplomat was under the influence of alcohol as in the case of the Georgian Diplomat or in a state of mind that he should not have been on the wheels is also not explained. Even his identity continues to be wrapped in a thick America winter clothes, for fear that he could be recall, probably that’s another reason why the Americans are keeping the whole accident affair a secret, pushing Cerellia Davies in front to tackle her Sierra Leonean compatriot

Under the International Law, a person who has diplomatic status and serves as part of the diplomatic mission, as well as members of the diplomat staff and household, are immune from arrest and prosecution thus enjoying diplomatic immunity. The expectation, of course, is that American diplomats and their dependents and staff members will enjoy immunity in foreign nations. Diplomatic immunity attaches to the sovereign state, not to the individual diplomat. In instances of egregious misconduct, a foreign state may be asked to waive the diplomat’s immunity. In 1997, the Republic of Georgia Envoy Gueorgui Makharadeze was involved in a traffic accident in Washington DC, while driving and intoxicated. The accident resulted in the death of one person and injuries to four others. At the request of the US Government, Georgia withdrew Makharadeze’s diplomatic immunity. He pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault and was sentenced to prison.

In the case of the US Diplomat in Sierra Leone who almost killed 9-yr-old Esther Bangura, it is evident that he would suffer no consequences for his action, despite he is taking the back stage and pushing Cerellia Davies to soften the ground and avoid any unforeseen development. The Embassy vehicle is hardly seen these days on the streets after the accident. It was a similar development that provoked a reaction from Viviane Wagner, the girl’s mother, who was killed by the Georgian Diplomat. She said “Immunity is not impunity”

Joviane Waltrick was killed, but justice was delivered, unfortunately that is not the case for poor Esther Bangura who is undergoing serious leg and body pains. She was initially abandoned at the impoverish Fourah Bay College Hospital, until alarm was raised that triggered a very ridiculous response from the American Embassy, getting Cerellia Davies to take her to another hospital where she is receiving incomparable medical treatment. It will surprise the reading public that since 1st April, 2015 when the accident occurred, the driver of the vehicle has not even paid a visit to his victim, nor has he bothered to apologize to his victim family. “We are giving attention and caring for the victim” was the reaction of Cerellia Davies when this medium called the Embassy to find out, the level of assistance they have rendered to the poor 9-yr-old School girl.

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