Dr. Patrick Coker is the President of the Sierra Leone Olympic Committee in Sierra Leone, a highly respectable figure according to most of the members of the Committee. That beside, he is also the Chairman of the Skye Bank, a foreign financial institution operating in the Country. Prior to the SLFA Congress in Makeni, Dr. Patrick Coker’s position as to whether there should be a Congress or not was explicit.

He was quoted to have agreed for a platform where all the Football Stakeholders would meet and take a decision relevant and productive to the organization and the Country as a whole. It was an absolute joy and happiness when the decision was adopted by President Koroma that a Congress was necessary to be held, which would provide the necessary opportunity for Stakeholders of the Game of Football and the Supervisory Ministry to address their differences. The appointment of Dr. Patrick Coker few days to the scheduled date of the Congress in Makeni as the “Moral Guarantor” empowered to preside over the meeting was received with relief. The reason being that as an insider, who is very conversant with the problems, financial and administrative frauds, disrespect for members and other vices, he would be able to remedy the situation and produce the expected results that will move the Game of Football forward, but it would appear that what was thought about him was a complete contrast of his true identity and behavior. The clamour among members died out suddenly when the Stakeholders learnt that the SLFA Executive had opened a Bank Account for the Organization where Dr. Patrick Coker is the Chairman without a Board’s Resolution, to back up such decision.

It was expected that as Chairman of the Skye Bank who has been appointed to preside over such crucial event in Makeni, he would have opposed the illegal action by the SLFA Executive and advised them to wait the outcome of the meeting. The opening of the account at the Skye Bank has been viewed by many as a clear case of “conflict of interest”, especially when it is clear that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank is Dr. Patrick Coker.

Several questions were left unanswered as to why the SLFA moved its account from the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, the Country’s “baby bank” to a foreign bank operating in Country? Also, how was the SLFA Executive headed by Isha Johannson able to penetrate the bank and influence a decision by the Moral Guarantor of the Congress that is now not in the interest of Football in the Country?

Dr.Patrick who may not have liked the administrative pattern of Isha Johannson and her disrespectful behavior to Club Executives Minister of Sports, Stakeholders and players seemed to have compromised his credibility and the trust reposed on him by many  and the various Football Clubs in the Country.

Not only was his behavior became a surprise or shocker, which became visibly noticeable, but the swift tilt in behaviour that signaled something extra-ordinary may have happened either behind closed doors or through telephone conversation or may not want his bank to be deprived of any financial benefit from the newly established account by the SLFA Executive.

The entire event expected to be managed by Dr. Patrick Coker ended in chaos with nothing achieved. When he could not control the situation, having noticed that his independence has been compromised he was left with no alternative but to have a postponement of the meeting after six weeks. By that time more money would have been pumped into the SLFA Account either by FIFA or other Football organizations at the Skye Bank, commissions would have been made and many withdrawals done which will not be in the interest of Sports in the Country.

As the Stakeholders wait impatiently and angrily for the expiration of the six weeks and a new  date to be announced, the President of the SLFA Executive has reportedly sacked three workers believed to have Mercury Machines that are generating income for them to manage the affairs of their families.

It was a rumour that first did the rounds that Isha Johansson has vowed to sack any member of SLFA suspected and proven to have Mercury Machines. Three workers, namely David Momoh, an office Clerk, Emerica James Browne, secretary and Abu Manley Conteh, administrative clerk have lost their jobs because claims have been levied against them that they are in possession of Mercury Machines, that they are getting commissions from at the Mercury Office.

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