MERCURY DISAPPOINTED: DIPLOMAT IN Le150,000.000 Beauty Show Scandal

The Gambling Company called Mercury International is becoming cautious and weary in spending money and sponsoring progammes in the country. This came as a result of insincerity of most of the promoters of the various shows organized in and out of the Country that have taught the officials of the Gambling Company unforgettable and bitter lessons. The Mercury International Gambling Company has been very humanitarian and sympathetic to a number of Sierra Leoneans, individuals and organizations in the country, promoting and bailing them out of their miserable conditions. Some have used the Company to achieve their desired goals and ambitions.

In football, the Company has pumped Millions of Leones to develop the industry, but sadly; their performance has not impressed the Company,nor Sierra Leoneans on whose behalf the funding has been done. Social and Corporate Responsibility is honoured by the Company every year, but it would appear that most organizations and promoters are taking advantage of the generosity and patriotic stance of Mercury International.

Some of the promoters hardly return to say thanks for financial assistance rendered to their organizations, let alone show how money received was spent.

A case in point that Mercury International has become disillusioned over for spending about Le150 Million is the MISS SIERRA LEONE BEAUTY PEAGANT, a show that was expected to put Sierra Leone on the social ladder, ended up putting money into the pocket of a few individuals that fronted as show promoters. Adonis Aboud of the unpopular DSTV fame and questionable diplomatic status, who has been accused of ripping off Sierra Leoneans, will have to explain how he utilized the sum of Le150 Million he collected from Mercury International to promote the Miss Sierra Leone beauty contest at the Bintumani Complex.

Over the years, Adonis Aboud has been making over several comments, claiming that he is helping Sierra Leoneans by promoting their deals and also through his nongovernmental organization called pikin bizzness. This time round, his activities have been called to question, which desperately  needs his response as the contestants are not only unhappy, but the non accountability of Adonis Aboud to the Sponsor, Mercury International and his refusal to acknowledge the Company’s financial contribution towards the show has being the major concern.

It would be recalled that the Miss Sierra Leone Beauty Show took place last year at the Bintumai Hotel as a pilot project to the main show in the United Kingdom. The winner of the Miss Sierra Leone Contest was a female student of Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.

She was expected to take part in the Grand Show at the United Kingdom, representing Sierra Leone, but it turned out to be a hoax. Why she did not witness the show she had yearned for and how disappointed she was when she could not darken the walls of the Grand Show in the United Kingdom.

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