For over thirty years now Adonis Aboud has been rubbing shoulders with Sierra Leoneans in every spheres of life, social, political, economical you name it. One could conclude comfortably that he knows the ins and outs of the Country, the politicians and how to go around them. He is one individual who likes to be identified with the leadership of the Country, not for the general good of humanity, but for his personal benefit that he can derive from such relationships. He started with the late Siaka Stevens and was able to swallow him and ended up being one of his errand boys. Smoothly, he warmed his way through and secured favours from the Country’s Ministry of International Relations. It was an assignment he concluded with relative ease, because of the proximity he had built with the late Siaka Stevens as Head of State and later President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Adonis came to Sierra Leone not even as a diplomat or closed to the circle, or even had any relationship with it, but when the late Siaka Stevens was about to attend a Conference in Yugoslavia, he pushed his way and became part of the delegation when he claimed that he could be of relevance to the Siaka Stevens Government and delegation that was going to Yugoslavia. He claims to hail from that part of the Globe. Sierra Leone had never had a bilateral relationship with Yugoslavia before and even now that the country had disintegrated or fallen apart. If he was representing that Country before it was split apart, which Country among the disintegrated factions is he now representing? This is the question that this medium had sought an answer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A letter had already been sent to the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Bangali for clarification relating to the status of Adonis Aboud, and we are yet to receive a response from that office.

Adonis Aboud emerged in Sierra Leone as a Jackpot Mechanic, employed by Lebanese born Joe Daboul. Together with Ahmed Bongo Man they were employed to repair and put to shape Jackpot machines in the Country, since that was the primary trade of Joe Daboul, who was resident at the time around Congo Cross. When Joe Daboul could not compete with the late Donald Maccauley who was also in the Jackpot business he had no alternative but to fold up and returned home. Adonis Aboud could not return to Ghana where he was picked up, but Ahmed Bongoman returned. He decided to settle in the Country as he noticed that apart from the Jackpot business there are other kinds of businesses he could venture into and amass wealth at the detriment of Sierra Leoneans. Thus, he turned his attention to the exportation of satellite dishes from Europe of all sizes and started selling them at exorbitant prices. Till date, the true identity of Adonis Aboud cannot be determined by himself or Sierra Leoneans and can jump into and accept any nationality that can give him recognition. His wife, a Yugoslavian and Children are living in the United Kingdom and for the past thirty years he has been ripping Sierra Leoneans off their hard earned resources, and has protected his family from coming to stay in the Country. From one nasty publicity about Sierra Leone to his wife and Children to another dirty image painted to them about the Country. But what he collects from the Country he makes available to them. Having manipulated the late Siaka Kanu who was Minister of Foreign Affairs by then, Adonis Aboud enjoyed diplomatic status, which he was not entitled to and till date no Head of State or President of the Republic of Sierra Leone has questioned his status or conduct verification. This is because Sierra Leone is a Country where the impossible occurs with no consequences.

When the late Ahmed Tejan Kabbah became President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Adonis Aboud supplied him with free DSTV equipment and some of the residences of his ministers also benefitted from the largesse. He would use the opportunity of visiting the lodge anytime he wanted on the pretext that he was going to inspect the equipment and conduct service on them so that the late President would not be decrypted of the service. It was during the visit he would access the president and maligned ministers and some Lebanese businessmen who wanted to compete with him in similar businesses. This was one way he became powerful in the political system at the time.

When Siaka Stevens died, he was able to penetrate the Joseph Saidu Momoh Government and used the same tact; he supplied both State House and the residence of the late President with free equipment and services. He has done this to almost all Presidents, some Ministers and some Members of Parliament. Since these Government officials are not paying for the equipment and services the ordinary Sierra Leoneans are paying for what these officials in governance are enjoying. Additionally, he would increase the monthly subscriptions of the DSTV Service without anyone chastising him for doing so because they are not paying but the peasants.

Currently, we see an obsessed Adonis Aboud. He is obsessed, because he feels that the Chairman of NATCOM, Mr. Momoh Konte has refused to give him a leeway like other Chairmen of the Commission and for the Ministry of Information and Communication, the Minister and Deputy are not his friends. His inability to penetrate these Government officials has left him with a bad and ugly taste for them always badmouthing them wherever the discussion about his Go Television becomes the topic for discussion. To prove that Adonis Aboud has no respect for the sovereignty of Sierra Leone, he imported Communication equipment without getting a license to operate like other Sierra Leoneans and when he was asked to take a back seat until he was able to secure the proper documentation, he started lambasting the Government of President Koroma, calling it sorts of names (see next edition)

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