Postmortem exposes LA CHOCOLATE ritual Murder & Homicide

For over two weeks since the ritual murder of Henry David Sydney Buckle, one would have thought that his corpse has either decomposed or undergoing the process of decomposing, but the mystery of the creator has left Dr. Owizz Koroma who took part and the team of police officers who witnessed the exhumation and postmortem examination in a state of shock and disbelief. Sydney Buckle’s corpse was fresh and has not even commenced the process of decomposition.


Last Thursday, they all marched to the Cemetery popularly known as the Ebola Cemetery at Pa Loko in Waterloo including family members, not to pay respect to the dead but to witness the postmortem examination that was to be conducted by the Country’s only pathologist. The team was assisted by the Ebola burial team to get the process done speedily and accurately.

Dr Owizz Koroma is not a stranger to the process and not new to dead bodies as he has conducted several examinations on them to ascertain the cause(s) of their deaths. In the case of Sydney Buckle, alias DJ Clef was initially described as a missing person, when family members were not able to see him for two days. But have not relented, in the search for their child. He was a member of the ALL STARS MUSICAL TEAM, a very popular and renowned musical institution comprising of young men and women who are trying to promote the musical industry in Sierra Leone. What came out as a clue at the beginning is a report that he was invited to participate at a birthday party organized by a group calling itself “WHATSAPP” at Aberdeen. It was after the party that his absence became conspicuous to friends and family members. The first set of group of persons to mobilize in search of the late DJ Clef was members of the ALL STARS, who combed everywhere and later got wind that an unknown dead body was picked up by the Ebola burial team along the Murray Town-Macauley Street Cemetery.

This is not the first time that news about dead bodies are abandoned around Murray Town and its beaches. The matter was reported to the Aberdeen Police Station and investigation reportedly kicked off. Organizers of the party were invited and the owner of the premises where the party took place was also invited. It was during the process that a whistleblower emerged at the Station to give evidence and provided substantial evidential materials that widely opened the doors of the investigation process, roping in the owner whose name was giving as “LA Chocolate”. With an air of arrogance and pomposity, he materialized at the Aberdeen Police Station after he had told them on the phone that he was driving from Waterloo when called upon to report at the Station. At the Aberdeen Police Station, he was recognized as the prime suspect after interrogation and element of his knowledge about the murder of DJ Clef noticed. He promised to give officers of the Station the sum of Le40Million if they would not put him behind bars or lock him in custody. This mouth- watered- tip for officers at the Aberdeen Police Station did not land on their laps when members of the ALL STARS stormed the station and insisted that the matter be transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). LA Chocolate was bundled into a standby Police Vehicle and driven to the CID. At the Criminal Investigation Department, he claimed to be innocent, but later admitted that DJ Clef was  present at the party, but he left party and went away and returned in the morning hours after the party had ended. On the contrary pictures obtained from the crime scene and published earlier by this medium have shown that he was present at the party and took part in everything that was done. He was seen dancing with Oreh Renner at the party the night.

Sources say DJ.Clef met his untimely death when he was about to attend to nature and saw some strange and incredible event taking place in one of the rooms. He saw a group of young girls almost half naked and one of them was washing with a substance that resembles blood and when the Guards of LA Chocolate noticed that his eyes had gazed at something to which he is not a part, they pounced on him, but the blasting of the musical set prevented other members at the party from hearing his voice that was screaming for help. He was over-powered and stabbed twice on his neck and strangled to death, and his body wrapped with a carpet found in one of the rooms and a cloth used to cover the numerous vehicles parked at the Compound of LA Chocolate.

Thursday’s postmortem examination revealed further evidence when the body was exhumed. It was discovered that four of his toes on his right foot were cut off, some of his fingers also cut off, his nose sliced off and one of his right eye pierced out and left part of his head suffered a severe and major dent and his testicles(balls) removed from his scrotum. Sources say the investigators are examining possible charges to slam on him and his associates, apart from charges that have to do with the violation of the Health Emergency Regulation. It has now been concluded, based on the circumstantial evidence collated by Police that it is a case of homicide and ritual murder. Another piece of evidence is the cloth and carpet that are used to wrap the body of the deceased. Evidence now points to the fact that these items belong to LA Chocolate


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