On the Day of the African Child EMN-FOWS feeds over 100 Deprived Children

As part of its aim to seek the welfare and improve the status of deprived children, the Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina Foundation Welfare Services on June 16th 2015 fed over one hundred children including Orphans and street children in Kenema.


On this year’s Day of the African Child theme JOIN HANDS TO END CHILD MARRIAGE, Mohamed Sannoh, Secretary General (EMN-FOWS) who doubles as the Chair for the occasion, commended parents and children for honoring their invitation as a way of commemorating the Day of the African Child. He noted that the Foundation headed by Ernest Ndomahina organized such a forum in order to remind the children of the suffering of blacks in South Africa under Apartheid.  It also signifies the zest of the children in standing up for their rights in Soweto.

Mohamed Sannoh also said that Mr. Ernest Ndomahina, being a friend of vulnerable people, has assured both the children and women of this country of his fullest support in bringing hope to the hopeless.

Therefore as Sierra Leone joins other African countries in commemorating this day, as a country it is a moment of reflection as we relieve the Ebola crisis wherein many children have died and many orphaned.

The day is a moment of reflection for children in Africa considering the hazardous incident that befell black children 39 years ago when they stood firm for the freedom of Africans. He then disclosed to parents and children of Mr.Ndomahina’s commitment, corporation and dedication in bringing more decent and dignified lives to women and children in the eastern region as a native born.

In his contribution, the Senior Service Officer from the Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children’s Affairs attached to the Child Trafficking Department Vandi Bawoh lauded the humanitarian gesture provided by EMN-FOWS as a way of complementing the efforts of their ministry in building up both the mental, physical and knowledge based methods used in capturing the minds of these children on the dangers of discrimination and stigmatization.

He reiterated further the importance of the day’s commemoration, particularly on the theme, which he says will serve as a motivating factor in the eradication of Teenage Marriage in communities as he emphasized on the significance of the Child Rights Act.

Vandi Bawoh called on the gathering to be aware of the present Ebola situation which he says did affect many homes, communities and the country, leaving many orphans and child mothers. As a nation, complacency should be avoided, he cautioned, and assured the Foundation of their ministry’s effective and efficient collaboration as it is only together we can build the nation.

Delivering her keynote address, the Regional Coordinator (EMN-FOWS) Madam Adama Kallon appreciated all invitees especially the children and parents for their timely response to the call of the Foundation at a very short notice, which was a sign of love, care and passion for the loss of our children in fighting for the freedom of all Africans some 39 years ago..

The Regional Coordinator disclosed to all present of Mr. Ernest Ndomahina’s support to the grassroots and the underprivileged.

Finally, Madam Adama Kallon admonished parents to invest on their children as they are a special gift from God and always protect them from bad company, and to use the prevention and control messages in combating the Ebola disease in the country.

In Freetown, similar gesture by the Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina Foundation Welfare Services was extended to the children of Krootown Road community.

Last year June 16th 2014, this same event was held in Kabala, Taiama, Njala and Freetown where over one thousand children were fed by the Ernest Ndomahina Foundation Welfare Services.

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