The Dance Hall Is Still Closed

August 24, 2011 0 By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

The organizers of the show are still watching their time to see when to open the dance hall for the dancers to come in after purchasing their entry tickets. The MC (Dr. Christiana Thorpe) has not even started the registration process to know how many dancers are going to take part in the event. So many things are yet to be put in place, when suddenly a group of happy-power-thirsty dancers, who are in a state of assumption hurriedly put on their dancing gears; even when time for the show has not yet been announced.

Mada Bio, SLPP Presidential Candidate 2012

Since the election of Julius Maada Bio, as the SLPP Presidential Candidate, some members of his party are moving helter -skelter in all directions of the country, East, West, North and South in a state of political desperation to clinch the highest seat of the land, without any reflection on the past about the individual crowned as their Presidential Candidate.

What may sound ridiculous to viewers of the scene is that these groups of happy-power-thirsty individuals have imagined that the voters of this country are sleeping and are ready to play on their intelligence with the theory of Youth Vigilance and Gender Parity.

Maada Bio to them is a youth that deserves every opportunity to govern the rest of the youths of the Sovereign State of Sierra Leone without checking and crossing checking his past stewardship to the country and assess his competence for the job. Few journalists that have looked back and raise the issue of accountability of stewardship and more are unfortunately been pounded at with mud and have been told that the past of their Candidate is immaterial and should be put behind us for fear that any effort geared towards asking questions relating to the past would ignite another war situation.

They may be probably right, thinking about who Julius Maada Bio is and how one of his sisters was the parlour wife of the late RUF leader, Foday Sankoh. However, where these journalists and pen-pushers may have gone wrong is their failure to ask Julius Maada Bio to tell the people of this nation the secret of the war as was told to him, probably by his sister that caused so many lives of Sierra Leoneans to perish.

The legal adage he who comes for “equity must come with clean hands” should be allowed to take an unfettered course in the public life of those who want to govern.

Hiding Maada Bio under the guise of Youth Vigilance is not the right ticket to state house. What some of us are still pondering over and amazed at is the air of callousness clearly exhibited by this so-called youth who wants to become President of Sierra Leone. Since the talk about the extra-judicial killings committed by the NPRC, Julius Maada Bio has refused to come forward and apologize to the people of this country and families of those they killed innocently without going through the due process of the law.

Arrogantly he stated in his interview in one of the newly registered papers that he has no regret for overthrowing the Momoh APC government. Whether he has regret or not is not an issue so far this column is concerned, but what about those innocent Sierra Leoneans he contributed either directly or indirectly to untimely and permanently plant below the earth surface? Are they not human beings and Sierra Leoneans who have contributed to the socio-economic and political development of this country?. He also has no regret for the killings because those killed are not human beings so far Maada Bio and his political dancers are concerned and would not apologize to their relatives and those who mourned their untimely departure.

The truth that has been blindly ignored by these myopic supporters is the fact that they have a bad Candidate and when a Candidate is bad, unmarketable and rejected by society there is no way he/she can be made good and acceptable to the public. In law, the common adage is that a lawyer is as good as his case, and when a case is bad it is bad. There is no way a bad case can be made good; only a good case can be made bad by some legal practitioners.

Since Julius Maada Bio has no regret for the extra judicial killings of innocent Sierra Leoneans and has refused till date to apologize to families of the departed ones, this columnist would not; now or in future comment on the issue, but other issues that not only has to do with the credibility of the SLPP Candidate but how he used the office he once occupied to fleece this nations thousands of United States Dollars. The houses he bought in Virginia and fleets of vehicles and how he was monitored by officials of the Federal Bureau Investigators (FBI) that forced him to sell those houses and surfaced in Ghana under the political administration of J.J.Rawlings.

His track record in Ghana is not a palatable food for his supporters to eat and digest, not to mention his activities in the United States of America, excluding his educational achievement which he accomplished with dignity and pride.

Julius Maada Bio claimed in a Television Interview with Mr. Kapuwa of the SLBC that he had no business dealings in Ghana and was not involved in any Commercial Activity. If that is so, the public will come to know the type of Presidential Candidate the SLPP has produced for the 2012 election. His relationship with Sani Abacha’s son and why they parted away after he misappropriated huge chunk of dollars, belonging to Mr. Abacha(Jr), on the pretext of unfavorable business venture.

Hope when the dance begins, Dr. Sama Banya who is an in-law to Maada Bio that some members of his party and public are not privy to will be ready to take up the fight against this Columnist. When a leader is humble, accommodating and ready to accept his mistakes, he becomes the people’s man, but the reverse is disastrous. The Bible says “he that humbles himself will be exalted…. and pride goeth before destruction”.

Julius Maada Bio has demonstrated pride, denial and has looked down and disregarded those families he contributed to make their lives meaningless on planet earth without their loved ones insignificant to say on behalf of the NPRC “I am sorry for all that we did”, even ex-president Kabbah apologized to those who lost their lives, property and loved ones in the war, but for Bio and his supporters there is no need to say SORRY.

Ironically, he wants their votes come 2012 to inflict more pains and this time round, as a Civilian President more treason trials for purported coup plots. The dance is very far away and several mechanisms to make it interesting have not yet been put in place. All that the party Journalists, writers and supporters need to embark on is how to package their Candidate for public consumption and not to engage in mudslinging with Journalists or those critical of their Candidate.