…Estate and land frauds

The name Ibrahim Daklalah may not be new to activities that are akin to schemes or criminality, but this time round there are clear indications that he may have reached his optimum or what is loosely referred to as his waterloo. A writ has been filed against him by the National Revenue Authority (NRA), which was as a result of his recalcitrant and disrespect for the law in honouring his tax obligation to the Sierra Leone Government. For several years now, Ibrahim Daklalah has been the landlord to a number of tenants, collecting rents from them and not paying the Government. Little did he know that his activities were being monitored by the National Revenue Authority, until when a full and complete dossier was compiled on him, amounting to millions of Leones.

Several letters were sent to him to comply with Government regulations, but as an individual who treats serious situations with levity, he is currently suffering the consequences of his deliberate and unresponsive action.

In addition to his woes, several Government pieces of land had been leased to him by the Ministry of Lands Country Planning on the pretext that he was going to develop these pieces of land for national development.

It is sad to note that his real intention was not to develop the land, but to re-lease them to interested parties for huge amount of money. Money collected has not been accounted for to the Sierra Leone Government, nor has he developed the lands. Government in its determination for these pieces of lands to be developed is withdrawing them from him and requesting him pay the penalties. (See next edition for more details)  

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