DUPED AND DECEIVED-Land Schemers on the rise

Mr. Abdul Modie Kargbo is a Sierra Leonean, now resident in Virginia, the United States of America (USA). He used to stay at Fisher Street in Freetown and was a popular Dramatist of the IDARA Theatre and a well known tailor by profession. His departure to America was to help build his family and improve his life. He has relatives in Freetown and other parts of the country that he is obligated to and supports them at the end of every month. Below is a true story of how Mr. Kargbo’s trusted business partner scammed him for a two-plot of land he wanted to buy and erect a permanent structure for his family living in the country in a bid to cushion the astronomical cost of rent that is affecting tenants and Sierra Leoneans who are not financially strong to build a two- bed-room apartment.

Abdul Modie Kargbo… Victim of land scam

His desire turned sour after going through what he least expected from his business partner, with whom he had transacted several businesses with both while in Sierra Leone and in the United States of America. Mr. Kargbo read a piece of article similar to what he went through in the hands of his business partner and was forced to present his own story. He did not stop at that, but patriotically went further to warn his compatriots at home and elsewhere in the world to beware of families, business partners and friends who plot against them to fleece them of their hard earned money….read below


I am compelled to respond to Cocorioko’s Online Editor-in-Chief’s (Mr. Jacob Sax Conteh’s) article captioned “A warning to Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora: Be aware of fraudulent family schemers” published on Tuesday June 21, 2011.

I must first of all commend Mr. Sax Conteh for empathizing with the Diaspora community and taking the bold step to publish some of the most important issues affecting our community. This move will inspire and assure all those that have been scammed by family plotters and about to be scammed by the very people (family & friends) we trust and try to help survive, that we are not alone. There are numerous documented cases where Diasporians future have been hindered or wrecked by family members and trusted friends back home in the guise of building homes and other business ventures. We’re sick and tired of reading online articles of personal attacks on each other. Some accusations are accurate, some are not, and cannot be substantiated in anyway whatsoever. We want to read about important issues affecting our country and our daily lives.  

Mr. Sax Conteh’s article skillfully portrayed the kind of work we do abroad and how we do it to earn cash to support our families here and across the Atlantic. Emotional, verbal or even physical Abuse and discrimination at work is most times inevitable. This varies depending on the kind of work you do and your status in that job. As a foreigner in another man’s land, you may one day either knowingly or unknowingly experience the above. We are always determined to overcome those hurdles and prosper.

It was a nice day in December 2003 when I went to Freetown, Sierra Leone to honor the death of my father; late Pa Alie Modie Kargbo of Rokel Village, Tainkatoper – Port Loko District. The rebel war just ended, the country’s peace was very fragile, there were still some pockets of resistance from Foday Sankoh’s followers. Traveling up country was a challenge, especially for    Diasporians. My first visit was a remarkable one, despite one or two glitches as expected after 12 years abroad. I tried to secure a piece of land at Calaba Town, but my brothers did not agree on the site for reasons best known to them. I decided to come back to the States with my money.

On Thursday January 16, 2003, I went to my best friend’s office to say goodbye. She was a well respected Colonel in the Army (now retired) whom I have done numerous businesses with in the mid 80’s traveling to the United States. She is always straight forward in her business dealings and I have maximum respect for her. It was because of my past experience with her that prompted me to confidently give her my $3000.00 (three thousand US Dollars) for a piece of land she owned at Goderich when she offered to sell it to me.  My instinct prompted me to obtain a receipt from her for proof of purchase, which was written at the back of her official complimentary/business card. Here is the proof below.


Her name and signature has been shaded for privacy. You be the Judge.

One year passed by, after this agreement was signed when she came to the US on vacation. With my $600.00 in hand, I asked for my conveyance as originally agreed. She emphatically demanded $2,600.00 (two thousand six hundred US Dollars) more, which was equaled to $5,600.00 (five thousand six hundred US Dollars) for the two town lot at the time. I flatly refused to pay more than our initial agreement; hence she refunded my money ($3000.00).

What bordered me most was the fact that this woman took my money and used it for a whole year to solve her immediate problems, and then she later changed the terms of our agreement without my consent. What about her moral values, the respect and admiration I used to have for her? It has definitely come to question. I was lucky to have my money paid back to me, despite the disappointment, but I know a lot of folks I have worked with who are not so lucky.

We want our families and friends back home to know that we are watching every move they make. We work very hard for our money with sleepless nights sometimes. Some of us have depleted our retirement (401K’s) accounts from borrowing to satisfy folks back home. We want results that reflect the money we send to you back home. Lontha!

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