General Manager Flies Out with Le38 Million to Enjoy Two Weeks Leave

The General Manager of the Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC) who is on- a- one- year contract has proceeded on a two- week leave allegedly taking with him from the coffer of the Company the sum of Le38 Millions as his leave allowance. This was disclosed at a meeting held between workers of the Company and the newly appointed Board of Directors, whose Chairman is Mr. Max Thompson. The shocking disclosure was echoed at the Company’s Pademba Road Works Yard. Some workers they disclose proceed on leave without receiving their allowances or enjoy the luxury that the current General Manager is making himself comfortable with at the detriment of the workers.

But what has become a major concern that is yet to be resolved, which Mr. Bankole Kamara the current General Manager has snubbed with the back of the hand is the refusal on his part to honour what they described as in-house administrative agreement between Management and the workers. It could be recalled that it was discussed at a Management level meeting that if the workers meet the target of revenue collection they would be compensated for their hard work. They were divided into various sections that covered the entire city of Freetown beginning from the far East to the far West of Freetown.

Sources say Guma Valley Water Company workers worked extra hours to fulfill their own part of the agreement and the revenue base of the Company became enviable at the time. For meeting their target, Bankole Kamara gave them a bonus at the initial segment of the exercise, which they appreciated and were expecting to receive another package after the second segment of the exercise, but to their dismay and shock Bankole Kamara refused what he initially started and agreed to, instead; he collected a fat leave allowance and jetted out of the Country.

At a Management meeting, his colleague managers reportedly prevailed on him to fulfill the part of the agreement as the workers have done theirs. He developed strong head and dismissed the issue with the back of his hand and said the second segment of the revenue drive ended in March of this year, but the workers were not informed.

Few days back, the workers at a meeting with the new Chairman and Board of Directors expressed their dissatisfaction and explained the unreliable behavior of the General Manager to new Chairman and Directors who promised to look into the matter. The question is when will he look into their matter and when will it be resolved?

Sources close to the General Manager are saying that the workers should not receive any bonus for doing what they are paid to do at the end of every month.

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