Vehicle theft by some nationals in the United States of America is generally referred to as “Wheel of Fortune”. This is because the commodity that is sold is on four wheels which most people make their fortune from. In Sierra Leone, the language may be new but the trade is not new, especially by those that are neck deep in it and are deriving financial benefit from of the illegal trade.

The Federal Bureau of Investigators(FBI) in the United States of America have been tracking down several nationalities engaged in stealing vehicles and ship them to African Countries. Sierra Leoneans, Nigerians, Guineans and a host of other Africans that are engaged in stealing vehicles to make huge bucks in their country of birth are licking their wounds in prison. It has been the major focus of detectives such as FBI, US Police and other members of the United States of America Intelligence Unit to track down and reduced the rate of vehicle theft in America. In many of their ventures these Law Enforcement Officers have succeeded, but as they devise new plans and strategies so those engaged in the illegal trade are busy devising escape routes to avoid arrest, detention and prison sentence.

Currently, one of Sierra Leone’s musical pop stars is being investigated for vehicle theft in America. According to report downloaded by this medium, the pop star was in the habit of stealing expensive vehicles in America, ship them to Sierra Leone and sell. Sometimes, he cruises around Freetown with these new vehicles to attract his competitors in the music industry and give the impression that he is rich and living an expensive lifestyle.

He ran out of luck after members of the FBI investigation team had been constantly monitoring his frequent entries and exits from the United States of America and discovered that he was one of those inflicting financial pains on Vehicle Dealers in the Washington Metropolis and other parts in America. He is now in custody of the Law Enforcement Officers helping them to unravel the truth relating to stealing of vehicles in America.

Mohammed Barrie, a Sierra Leonean resident in Atlanta –Georgia may be a lucky young man in his illegal enterprise, but little may he know that he has been on the radar of the Intelligence Unit for considerable time now, monitored and watched. His last consignment of allegedly stolen vehicles from the United States in America left him in a state of frustration when he was unable to meet the monetary obligation of the Sierra Leone Customs and Excise Department and was bailed out of his financial predicament by one of his friends named Kalilu Fadika.

Out of trust and friendship Kalilu Fadika spared him the sum of US$4,000.00(Four Thousand Dollars) to resolve his crisis with the Customs and Excise Department early last year with promises that after sale he would refund every penny to him. (I don’t want these four vehicles to rot down at the Quay” He was quoted to have explained to his friend whom he met in the Country.

Generosity and the value for friendship, motivated Kalilu Fadika to withdraw money from his Foreign Account at the Guaranty Trust Bank and rescued Mohammed Barrie who was in a state of financial limbo.

What was negotiated in secrecy, based on trust and value turned out to be a disappointment to Kalilu Fadika when Mohammed Barrie alias (MB) cleared the vehicles at the Quay and sold them without the knowledge of his lender and refused to fulfill promises made prior to his predicament in getting his stolen vehicles out of the Quay.

The shock and disillusionment did not stop in Sierra Leone, but also affected Kalilu Fadika in America after his return when he called on Mohammed Barrie and requested for his money on 0017703341182. It was all embarrassments and abuses for the honest lender who thought that his money would be refunded to him once both of them are in America.

Speaking to Mohammed Barrie on the phone he admitted to this medium that he has to pay some money to Kalilu Fadika and explained that it was true he loaned him money to clear his vehicles at the Quay, but he was not going to pay him because he has no money and besides they have “common understanding” The common understanding he did not explain.

Later, news started filtering that most Sierra Leonean residents, including Mohammed Barrie in the United States of America shipping cars to this country are suspects who are under the radar of the Law Enforcement Agency and it would not be too long when these people will be picked up like others that had been caught by members of the Agency and are now in jail.

“I have never done anything criminal in America” Mohammed Barrie said to this medium “My record in America is clean” He concluded. Whether or not his record is clean is left with time to tell, but the warning must reach him that reports claimed that those involved in vehicle theft in America are under the radar of the Country’s Intelligence Unit. (More about the US$4,000.00 and wheel of fortune next edition)

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