Information relating to the land fraud is gradually beginning to unfold. Names are also gradually surfacing. Mohammed Bangura who it is alleged was in possession of the tape that exposed how the sharing took place at the Aberdeen Beach has denied any knowledge of his involvement or being in possession of the tape. But sources very close to him have suggested that he may have received close to Le100 Million for knowing about the deal. In the same vein, Elizabeth/Stella Scott is calling for an investigation into the matter, denying that she did not receive the alleged Le15Billion NASSIT claimed to have paid.

It has now been proven that Elizabeth/Stella Scott transacted 100 acres of land initially that she claim belonged to her late father, the late Jonathan .O.F Scott at Bathurst Road, Gloucester Village in 2012 with NASSIT. Her father’s title to the land was based on a Statutory Declaration not by conveyance with a survey plan that bears conflicting details. The survey plan contains no reference beacon and coordinates, which is a must in the survey ordinance without which, any survey plan will be considered incomplete and should not be processed. Notwithstanding, the plan was processed and signed by the then Director of Surveys and Lands in 1984, thus giving legitimacy to a fraud survey document. It was noted according to documentary evidence based on an investigative report that the beacons around the boundaries range from FC 1338/84 to FC 1357/84. Some officials interviewed at the Ministry of Lands Country Planning and the Environment has revealed that no coordinate record was available for the series FC1342/84 to FC1357/84. FC1338/84 to FC 1340/84 got duplicated records for LS.1610/84 defining a property off Lumley Regent Road, Lumley and LS.1579.84 defining a property at No 4, Sankey Street, Freetown. None of the locations was related to the survey plan signed for the transaction with NASSIT. It is obvious that the survey plan which Elizabeth/Stella Scott claimed to be the property of her late father with L.S Number was wrong and cannot be used for any legal and authentic transaction. Unfortunately, this was the same plan signed by the then Director of Surveys and Lands and business transacted for about 100 acres of land to NASSIT in 2012. After the 100 acres fraudulent land transaction had been completed and State money received and shared, Elizabeth/ Stella Scott later claimed another 40 acres which she sold again to NASSIT, whilst at the same time NASSIT was and still struggling to take possession of the 100 acres of land.

The sharing of the money that Mohammed Bangura said he has no knowledge about took place at the Aberdeen Beach, but the 40 acres later claimed was paid for at the NASSIT office. Some officials at NASSIT enjoyed being part of the Investment Division (To be continued)


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