This Madness in Mohammed Bangura Must Stop Now

An ordinary Cleaner/Messenger at the defunct New Breed Newspaper who metamorphosed to become the leader of a political party is a seemingly dangerous individual taking the wrong trend, but the intelligence of Sierra Leoneans would put an end to the imagination of being the next President of Sierra Leone without an enviable track records or something that the Citizens of the State of Sierra Leone can’t be proud of their next leader.

Though disheartening to enjoy the comedy, but the truth must be told and gradually the situation is drawing nearer for all and sundry to know how an ordinary cleaner thought that he can metamorphosed to such height through fraudulent maneuvering.

To those of us who know Mohammed Bangura, he is no better than a celebrated liar, an impostor with activities that are akin to criminality and no doubt he is very delighted in taking advantage of these attributes

To those of us who know Mohammed Bangura, he is no better than a celebrated liar, an impostor with activities that are akin to criminality and no doubt he is very delighted in taking advantage of these attributes

The name Mohammed Bangura who is talking about good ethical Journalism is not new to many Sierra Leoneans including this Columnist. Since his days at the New Breed Newspaper to his interaction with the late Thaimu Bangura and his sojourned and settlement in Canada where he duped the Education Ministry over a School loan that he utilized other than the purpose it was obtained for from the Ministry and never completed a single academic course, but yet continues to commit academic fraud every day by misinforming the General Public that he pursued and completed an undergraduate degree in Mass Communication with no evidence to substantiate his claim should by every means and benefit to the State of Sierra Leone must be stopped.

Although Hegel, a political philosopher once said that there is no morality in politics, yet in this contemporary political world, morality must be the watchword for every politicians including Mohammed Bangura the amateur political animal in the midst of sober minded Sierra Leoneans.

Not only pathetic to experience how a quarter baked, not even half baked in education can imposed himself on the people, using intimidating methods to cow those who know nothing about him.

Hear him speak “This act of standard times newspaper is a clear character assassination attempt” Does Mohammed Bangura have any character to assassinate? Not even ridiculous to imagine how a fake and academically fraudulent individual can utter statement relating to character assassination when over the years he has been surviving with this instrument , without any knowledge by some of his victims, both nationally and internationally that he is a fake.

Has he forgotten that it was the same weapon he used against the former United Nations Representative to Sierra Leone that took him to New York where he gave false testimony against the German national representing the Secretary General?

Here is another professionally fraudulent pronouncement “As a Journalist myself” When did he become a Journalist? Is it when he was a cleaner/messenger at the New Breed Newspaper or when he swindled the Canadian Government under the guise of going to school? Mohammed Bangura needs to explain to the General Public about his activities in Canada, which he has always made referenced to in a braggadocio manner as being exciting, when dealing with some members of the public especially when he normally takes the podium.

In his last paragraph of the release he wrote “I also want to remind the IMC that the Standard Times Newspaper is a repeated offender of unprofessional Journalism as proven both in the Court of Law and the Commission on many occasions” He re-echoed his ignorance about issues that are being dealth with by a competent court with proper and adequate jurisdiction and the Independent Commission that makes no reference to him or considers him as a significant figure in society without proof. But knowing the empty vessel too well he most of the time impressed his viewers and listeners with his deception and ridiculous statements that filled the eardrums of his unsuspecting audience.

To those of us who know Mohammed Bangura, he is no better than a celebrated liar, an impostor with activities that are akin to criminality and no doubt he is very delighted in taking advantage of these attributes.

He left his traits at the HFC Mortgage when the Company secured about Ten Million Leones loan for Housing project to be undertaken at Waterloo that never materialized. How he wrestled with officials of that Company for kickbacks using threats and intimidation to the close of the matter is no secret to some of us. Again, the fake land deal involving Elizabeth/Stella Scott and NASSIT, which was aided by the Ministry of Lands Country Planning and the Environment is no secret. How he cleverly and tactfully approached the fake vendor and demanded the recording that contained discussions relating to sharing of the money on the pretext that he was going to report the matter to President Ernest Bai Koroma, which he never did is no secret to us. The benefit he derived from the fake humanitarian effort to clean the society of corruption is an open book to many of us. At least, before putting pen on paper in an attempt to write a press release, Mohammed Bangura should have thought about it first, especially the newspaper and the individual that authored the article, but his irrational thinking has led him to do what he should not have done and will definitely suffer the consequences of his ignorance, and attempt to equate himself with someone who can be his teacher. Therefore, a corresponding and an adequate response are necessary to contain his excesses and empty imagination that he is somebody when he is nobody in the midst of intellectual giants. I pause for his response anytime, moment or day. This madness in Mohammed Bangura that he is threatening unsuspecting peaceful Citizens of Sierra Leone must come to an end now!

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