The NASSIT land fraud involving an alleged Le15 Billion Leones that was spent aimlessly is beginning to gather momentum with a cross section of the Public calling for Police/ACC investigation into the matter. A retired Civil Servant has opined that President Ernest Bai Koroma should not leave the matter lying like a dead wood, but to dig into it for the truth in the interest of the General Public. An Employee of NASSIT has explained that many heads will roll if the Government decides to probe into the land deal as very senior officials at the Trust were involved and benefitted from the illegal transaction.

Sources close to Elizabeth/Stella Scott has revealed to this medium that she is claiming that she did not collect Le15 Billion from NASSIT as a purchasing price for the land but less than that and also demanding an investigation into the transaction. A prominent political name that has been mentioned in the illegal land deal is the UDM Leader, Mr. Mohammed Bangura. Sources say he is a potential witness with vast knowledge about everything that took place. Whether or not he personally benefitted from the loot is another story, but sources say he was in possession of a tape recorder, which contained names of the beneficiaries in the fake land deal.

Apart from Lawyers representing Elizabeth/Stella Scott who did the legal papers to convey the property to NASSIT, sources say certain fees paid was too colossal for a job of such nature and that they took advantage of the entire situation, knowing fully well that the property in question does not belong to their Client. “They are also part of the conspiracy in defrauding the State of substantial amount of money” A source explained.

The Elizabeth/Stella Scott land deal and NASSIT has cost the establishment huge amount that is not meaningful. For which purpose was the property at Bathurst bought that cannot be developed in the next few years to come is what officials should explain as a reason for the purchase.

In the tape that was in possession of Mohammed Bangura, which he denied to this medium that he neither saw nor being in his possession of contains very important information that could give reliable clue to the investigators.

The tape, sources claimed contained names of Anti Corruption Commission officers, State House and Ministry of Lands Country Planning and the Environment that received part from the Le15 Billion. They claimed that those officials should have their own share from the proceeds as the amount was too huge for a single person to have, therefore they should distribute it to the main players of the State. Some senior officials at NASSIT also benefitted from the loot, sources say it is because of that Elizabeth/Stella Scott is also suggesting for an investigation to be conducted as she did not receive such an amount for the Bathurst Land.

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