The sad and shameful story of the two

Yesterday, the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Co, operation has as its Guest the Acting Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Kadie Sesay. She has gone there to do what could be referred to as the “Fire Brigade Public Relations”. An exercise that saw her exposing her ignorance instead of cleaning her ugly and bad reputation she has earned over the past couple of days. Several questions were put to her by the interviewer who was helping her to clean her plate, unfortunately those who listened to her while speaking almost wept when they realized that she could neither present her case well but further muddled everything that should have called her a Government Minister. Candidly, the interviewer tried to see how things should look good for her, unfortunately she is not that intelligent type of person with the ability to communicate and defend herself well. It was noticed while the program is in progress that she was suffering from communication apprehension, which made her to dabble and messed up everything. She was rated poorly and advised; that next time she seeks the assistance of a fluent and properly grounded public relation personnel, capable of handling complex issues.

She claimed that it was the victim, whose permanent structure she illegally ordered to be demolished that took them to court. It sounds ridiculous for her to sit on a National Television Station and propagate what she does not know, to further proved her ignorance and inability when she could not distinguish a Court Order and a Judgment. She admitted to be in possession of documents but was not able to tell whether it was a Court Order or not. What many viewers discovered or noticed is the fact that she did not understand anything and did not even bother to do any proper finding before going to the Television Station. That was how the Acting Minister of Tourism, Kadie Sesay exhibited her ignorance and inability to communicate well and make a solid case. But the truth is that she cannot changed a bad case and make it good. She has a bad case, as she hasn’t the legal authority to order the demolition of a permanent structure.

It would be recalled that after so many pleas and lobbying by some members of the APC Party to appoint her a Minister of Government, she almost transformed the Ministry of Labour to a jungle, had it not been for the smartness of the substantive minister, the Ministry of Labour could have been referred to as another jungle when Kadie Sesay was the deputy minister. She showed no respect for her superior, by then it was Minkailu Mansaray. Her indecent behavior left the President with no option but to fire her out of the Ministry.

Out of magnanimity, President Koroma reappointed her as deputy minister at the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. Since her reappointment to date she has become more of an embarrassment to the party than its members could imagine.

Those who are conversant with her unruly behavior have always maintained their distance from her, even her one time friend, Alimamy P. Koroma that she bought a jeep for when she won a Maryland Lottery is not encouraging her again because she has problem with her behavior. That is how she has been living her life always creating problems with people so that she would be perceived as a “strong woman” or “iron lady”. Her assumption is totally wrong especially for decent societies, including ours.

Sierra Leone is a peaceful country with over six million people that are friendly to each other. Realizing the undisputable fact that politics is a temporary employment, she should change her behavior; make friends so that when politics is over the friendship will still be maintained. Not only his son, Alusine Kuyateh who returned few months back from the United States of America that is entitled to a piece of land at the Aberdeen-Lumley Beach but other Sierra Leoneans too that want to improve their lives. The piece of land at the Lumley Beach she offered to her son Alusine Kuyateh was originally the leased property of another Sierra Leonean. She bulldozed her way and gave it to her son. Is this fair?

Both individuals at the helm of affairs at the National Tourist Board and Tourism Ministry have serious problems with communication management and corporate management. Yassin Kargbo was among the group of Sierra Leoneans that were involved with the management of a Transport Company called Loma Tours. The death and nonexistent of the Company that should have helped to boast the transport industry by now is a sad story to tell. Even the carcasses of some of the vehicles cannot be traced and no credible explanation can be giving as to why the Company submerged and lost its fame so soon. Again after some years, the owners of Barmoi Hotel, Dr. Kamara, a retired medical doctor who rose to the rank of Chief Medical Officer (CMO) was prevailed upon by friends and relatives to offer Yassin Kargbo a job as he claimed that he has managerial ability and knowledgeable in hotel business. As a retiree who needed help to keep the life of his business going, he offered him a job. How he managed Barmoi Hotel that subsequently led to his sacking and exit from the Managerial Office of the hotel is another unfortunate story to announce to the reading public. So the two individuals are alike in a number of ways. That is why Yassin Kargbo took a Caterpillar on the instruction of his boss who could not distinguish a Judgment from a Court Order demolished a permanent structure. Infact Yassin Kargbo has never built a house before so cannot tell the cost of iron rods, cement and sand or how much contractors normally asked for to build a single bedroom, only his wife who is the Chief of Protocol at State House knows what its cost to build a house. In the same vein, despite winning a Maryland Lottery, she doesn’t know what it cost for a house foundation. Currently, Kadie Sesay is staying in a house that she is not paying a single penny as rent even when she has been giving notice to quit she continues to illegally occupy the house at Murray Town.


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