“Immorality” lands young girl in trouble

Practicing immorality otherwise known as Lesbian or Gay attitude is not common in this part of the world but it is now eminent among many young boys and girls.

The continued practice of it by these girls and boys is putting them in danger and giving them hard times in their families and societies. According to background information, Mariama Turay has been engaged in this lesbian practice since school days when she was close to some of her friends who might have initiated her into this foreign immoral activity.

This is presently hunting her and her family members have confirmed that Mariama is presently nowhere to be traced since she last attended what may be referred to as a lesbian chilling party at the Kent Beach on the 15th November 2015.

According to reliable information from friends who preferred anonymity, they were beaten and raped by thugs who report suggests had wanted to fall in love with them but could not since they are engaged in this lesbian activities.

Report also indicates that some of the thugs who traced Mariama and her friends were hired to harass them because of practicing something that is forbidden in the country. Mariama had sustained many hiccups and challenges during her lifetime practicing lesbianism.

Like many other countries, the government of Sierra Leone is silence on any activities related to lesbian and gay. While many countries are trying to legalize the practice, that is yet the case in Sierra Leone and no organization is yet to advance reasons for Sierra Leone to legalize the practice.

By Our Traditional Correspondent, 18/11/2015


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