Acting Chief Justice drags Victim of Injustice To Court

Acting Chief Justice drags Victim of Injustice To Court

November 1, 2015 0 By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

…evidence of grudge in land dispute

Mr. Issa Ibrahim Kamara, the recent victim of injustice is expected to appear in Court today to respond to allegations of threatening remarks and other criminal charges that police may press on him.

Mr. Kamara appears dumfounded when he was initially invited by officers of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to throw light on the allegations. According to him, as quoted by Police, since his return to Sierra Leone he has not troubled anyone nor has he walked on anybody’s path, but when told by police that the Complainant in the matter was the Ag. Chief Justice, Lawyer Valesius Thomas, “He was quoted as saying I was expecting this kind of harassment for my nine-plot- of- land”

Mr. Issa Ibrahim Kamara has been battling with the Acting Chief Justice of Sierra Leone over a nine-plot- of- land located at Adonkia. He claimed that the Acting Chief Justice has taken over the land using the Court, which does not legitimately or rightfully belongs to him. The Judgment, he has condemned as a betrayal of justice, which clearly showed that the Complainant in the matter had used the Court to give him what does not belong to him. “He is the boss of the Judiciary and supervises the Courts. He assigns cases to Judges and has the administrative authority to determine the fate of each and every Judge. “That makes it obvious for him to be the winner in any matter brought before the Court and to any Magistrate or Judge” He said, and added ‘He is a player and a referee” He concluded.

 But that is not the explanation police needed from him to either press charges against him in fulfillment of the desire of the Acting Chief Justice or let him walk out of the Gates of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) a free man.

According to Police, the interrogation of Issa Ibrahim Kamara is part of the procedures involved in investigation and they are bound to use it to get the process done. The background that led to the threatening remarks is also important, which to them forms an integral part of the investigation. Therefore, every utterances made by the suspect is crucial and important. Police explained that the suspect Issa Ibrahim Kamara said that he did not threaten the Acting Chief Justice, but requested him in the text message to give him his land “It is my property and there is not right for him to claim it, using the legal system in the wrong manner” He was quoted by Police.

It would be recalled that Police Suspect Issa Ibrahim Kamara has reported the Acting Chief Justice several times to the President and his immediate authorities, explaining to them how he used the Court in his absence to secure Judgment against him for his nine-plot-of land at Adonkia. He has continued to make his grievances against Mr. Valesius Thomas known in public places saying that he would not give up because the nine-plot-of land rightfully belongs to him and not the Acting Chief Justice.

In Court today if the matter comes up for hearing it is not known whether he would be granted bail or not by the presiding Magistrate and he keeps telling the Police that he did not threaten the Acting Chief Justice. “He is just taking undue advantage against me because of the position he currently occupies” He was quoted again to police.

It is evident that Issa Ibrahim Kamara is going to suffer twice. Firstly, his piece of land has been taken away from him and now he has been charged with the offence of issuing threatening remarks against the Acting Chief Justice.

This is not the first time that the Country’s Acting Chief Justice has found himself in the middle of land disputes. Judicial sources have hinted this medium that there is a pending land matter in Court that the Accused persons are pointing fingers at the Acting Chief Justice saying that he is an interested party to the suit. The matter involves Mr. Raymond Jones of Waterloo, whose father’s estate has now become the subject of litigation. The Acting Chief Justice also hails from Waterloo and has been rubbing shoulders with members of the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) Mission and a local nongovernmental organization called ADRA.

A letter dated 19th October, 2015 authored by Mr. Issa Ibrahim Kamara has been sent to President Koroma calling on him again to save his skin from the “wicked and dreadful hands” of the Acting Chief Justice whom he said is using his office to intimidate. harass and take what does not belong to him.