Two Axe Men, Fifty-Nine Rioters and Loiters Await Sentence

On 12th December, 2015, one of Sierra Leone’s hip-up stars (Kao Denero), who appears to have impacted the lives of young Sierra Leoneans in the musical world, organized a show at the Siaka Stevens Stadium that ended in fiasco and violence. The reason for the violence is not unconnected with the unnecessary vilifications, cut-throat completions, and unhealthy rivalries that are subsistent between supporters of Kao Denero on the one hand and those of their perceived adversaries in the musical world on the other hand. Unfortunately, Sierra Leone’s youthful population across Freetown became embroiled in that violence. Most of them were armed with machetes, broken bottles, knives and stones. They erected illegal check-points around Kingtom Bridge, Syke Street, Congo Cross and Saint John. Whilst some were busy snatching the phones and valuable possessions of peaceful and unarmed citizens, others transformed themselves into machetes-wielding thugs that maimed and wounded people, who were going about their peaceful business. Others even resorted to smashing the windscreen of vehicles. The violence was indeed tragic in nature and in consequence.  This is not the first time that misguided and hopeless youths have caused unrest for people in Freetown. The spate of violence in Freetown seems to have unabatedly continued at the expense of invaluable lives and property. Every now and then, the media reports about violence, armed robbery and other forms of criminality in and around Freetown. The question that is in every one’s lip is ‘what are the police doing?’ Concerned citizens have indeed asked what the AIG West did to avert the violence that caused the unrest on that dreadful night. They have also asked why the police allowed machetes-wielding thugs to erect illegal check-points in some strategic locations in the West end of Freetown. The police in the West end of Freetown did little or nothing to crackdown the unrest that resulted from Kao Denero’s show. Nevertheless, the situation in the East end of Freetown on that dreadful night was different. The difference appeared to have caused East end dwellers to breathe a sigh of relief. The relief which they enjoyed was not unconnected with the pro-active approach, which the police in the East adopted to respond to the situation. When it became clear that the unrest was going to hit the East end of Freetown, the AIG East (Memuna) instantaneously deployed armed police officers in some strategic locations in the East. They remained vigilant, until the machetes-wielding thugs and rioters, who had come from the East to attend the show got to their legal check-points. During their screening exercise, the police arrested Mohammed Sesay and Bilal Kanu of 7 East Brook Lane and 2 Malta Lane, respectively. Both men were armed with machetes and were subsequently charged with the offence of carrying offence weapons without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, contrary to section 16 (1) of the Public Order Act No.46 of 1965. Both men were arraigned before His Worship Dr. Binneh-Kamara (at the Ross Road Magistrate Court No.1), who eventually remanded them after they pleaded guilty to the offence as charged. They are now awaiting sentence.

The other youths who were arrested were also charged with the offences of loitering and loitering with intent, contrary to sections 7 and 8 of the Public Order Act No.46 of 1965. Those that fell in this category were fifty-nine (59) in number. They all pleaded guilty to the offences and were eventually remanded by His Worship Dr. Binneh-Kamara. And they are now awaiting sentence.  Here we present the names and addresses of the said criminals:

  • Adebayor Tejan – 17 Abbot Street
  • Mohamed Bockarie – Grassfield
  • Sheik Adams Sesay – 97 Thunder Hill
  • Sorie Konteh Section – A Kissi Town Waterloo
  • Mohamed Samai – Mamba Ridge
  • Gibrilla Conteh – Motor Road Waterloo
  • Delvin Sylvanus Vandi Koroma – 29 Koroma Street Freetown
  • Alusine Koroma – 24 Africanus Road Freetown
  • Alhaji Sesay – 26 Sesay Lane Calaba Town
  1. Abu Lebbie – Lowcost Housing Zone 7
  2. Sahr Kabba Alieu – Jui Kossoh Town
  3. Dauda Bangura – 255 Bai Bureh Road Freetown
  4. Mohamed Lamin Sankoh – 56 Mountain Cut
  5. Francis Kai Kai Momoh – 61A Upper Looking Town Kissy
  6. Mohamed Kamara – 12 Leah Street
  7. Obai Kabia Kossoh Town Freetown
  8. Abu Bakarr Manneh – 10 Macauley Street Kissy
  9. Karim Jalloh – Sima Town Waterloo
  10. Samuel Sesay – 7 Battalion Goderich
  11. Abu Bakarr Kallon – 3 Low Congo Water
  12. Karimu Sandy – 32A Magazine Wharf
  13. Abass Abu Bakarr Kamara – 3 Peterson Street Freetown
  14. Saidu Kamara 53 Goderich Street Freetown
  15. Sahid Sesay – 22 Fisher Lane
  16. Jusu Senesie 30 Lunar Street
  17. Abdul Edict Kamara – 4 Mamba Ridge
  18. Alpha Barrie – 9 Taylor Street off Fourah Bay Road
  19. Alusine Turay – 135 Fourah Bay Road
  20. Alimamy Rashid Sesay 42 Falcon Street
  21. Sheka Kargbo – 39 Fourah Bay Road
  22. Morlai Kargbo – 34 Aureol Street
  23. John Mattia – 11 Blyden Lane
  24. Mohamed Kamara – 67A Kissy Bye Pass Road
  25. Thaimu Bangura – 2B Brima Lane Freetown
  26. Kelfala Sesay 22 Hagan Street
  27. Abu ALusine Kamara 40 Owen Street
  28. Santos Bangura – 13G Looking Town Freetown
  29. Mohamed Janneh – Fattarahman Street
  30. Abu Bakarr Bangura 12 Waterloo Tombo
  31. Alvin Foday Kamara 43A Main Motor Road
  32. Kemoh Bayoh – 15 Vandy Drive
  33. Musa Kanneh – Brima Lane
  34. Abdulai Mansaray – 12 Joshua Street
  35. Musa Bangura – 14A Thunder Hill
  36. Idrissa Bah – 72 Mountain Cut
  37. Lamin Kanu – 8 Bai Bureh Road
  38. Abdul Kargbo 6 Upper Hook Street
  39. Abu Bakarr Kandeh – YDM Calaba Town
  40. Ibrahim Kamara – 8 Bombay Street
  41. Mohamed Kabia 8 Bombay Street
  42. Abdul Karim Sesay 7 Cox Street
  43. Alpha Sankoh – 16 Mamba Ridge
  44. Abdul Fuad Turay 110 Kissy Road
  45. Wahid Joseph 6 Drammy Drive Goderich
  46. Abdul Samura Regent Road
  47. Ibrahim Kamara 42 City Road Wellington
  48. Mohamed Ashimu Jalloh – 65B Old Wharf Road Wellington
  49. Mohamed Sesay – 1 Farrah Lane Upper Patton Street
  50. Saidu Frank Harding 4B Black Hall Road

It should be noted that the Sierra Leone Police, the Judiciary and other stakeholders in the Law enforcement sector must work concertedly to stamp out violence from the society

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