OCTEA pays lease rent to Mining Communities

By Mustapha Sesay

Reports from the Mines Ministry maintain that one of the mining companies that has already paid its annual lease rent in respect of the Mining License Area for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 is the OCTEA Limited.

BSG Resources is set to fund the future operations of all of Octéa companies (Koidu Limited, Tonguma Limited & Boroma Limited) as OCTEA is fully committed to remain a valued and long-term stakeholder in Sierra Leone.

According to our source, this clearly demonstrates that BSGR is determined to put modalities in place to ensure quality outcomes for all stakeholders and safeguard a prosperous future for three operational sites of OCTEA Limited,  namely Koidu Limited, Tonguma Limited and Boroma Limited.

Working with the vision “Know Your People, Grow Your People, Grow Your Business,” the company has exciting plans in place for the future of Koidu Limited, but will need the full support from the entire Koidu family to make them happen. All focus is on hitting ore at 150 level, safely and efficiently to guarantee a prosperous 2016 for all.

With an objective of producing products through the principle of “Zero Harm” without harming people or the environment in the process, OCTEA Limited is set to strive towards world-class safety benchmarks.

For example, in ensuring the safety of employees of the Koidu Limited Company in Kono, the Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Authority of the Ministry of Energy, Government of Sierra Leone were on site for the entirety of week 44, conducting Radiation Protection Training to many of the Koidu Limited employees, which include Protection from internal and external radiation sources, Safe handling of radioactive waste, Safe operation of industrial radiography equipment, Transportation and storage of radio-active sources, Radiation Protection Act of Sierra Leone 2012, Radiation detection equipment, Structure of matter, Quantity of exposure calculations and personal dosimeters, Ionizing radiation and Principals of radiation protection.

Moses Komba, a staff of Koidu Limited, commended the General Manager of Koidu Limited  Christo Swanepoel and team for holding management meetings with workers so as to discuss various issues related to development of the institution and that of the staff as it’s key to its sustainability.

Among its most remarkable activities within the mining site is the relocation package. This package involves residential areas, school buildings, police station to name but a few.

These newly constructed structures are very unique as they are built in accordance with the desire of the affected people or institutions.

It must be noted that before the relocation of the people, the house is first valued and proper arrangement is put in place for a house to be rented for a family whilst a modern house is being built within a specific time limit. With this, most of the affected people are gradually enjoying their new friendly environment with lots of facilities.

AS Health is Wealth, The provision of a well equipped health care facility in a community is a way of addressing one of the many challenges facing health issues in most places in the country.

KOIDU Limited is now at the verge of furnishing a modern hospital with the latest equipment. This new hospital built by Koidu Holdings Limited in Kono within the operational areas of Koidu Holdings Limited will solely serve the community while the old hospital will now serve the workers and their families.

The modern hospital for the people of Kono and its environs will very soon be unveiled to the public and will witness an influx of many people rushing to this medical centre rather travelling to Makeni or Freetown for medical attention.


Although the hospital is located at ‘Area D Security Section’ within the compound, there is an access road that will allow patients and family members to this facility at all times without obstructing the company’s administrative operations.

Touring this modern and well furnished medical centre with classical equipment, one is convinced that the many challenges facing the people of Kono with regards to medical facilities is now over.

With medical experts like doctors and trained nurses to attend the people at all times, the first class hospital has a Consultancy Room, various wards with modern beds, a dispensary section, where patients can get prescribed drugs, a Dental room, with first class equipment to be operated by a trained and qualified medical expert. A fully X-Ray room with medical equipment.

The new hospital in Kono will be working closely with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in addressing the challenges

According to Sahr Mondeh, a resident of Kono, this new hospital will definitely address some of the health problems they have been encountering as many have been traveling to Makeni and the capital city of Freetown for medical attention.

Fatmata Kamara, a nurse in training at Northern Polytechnic in Makeni, disclosed that the new medical facility will make way for them to return to their home town Kono and contribute towards the saving of lives after completing the nursing program.

Francis Mahoi, a school leaver, furthered that many of them are assured that with time they will be offered job facilities or trained in various fields that would earn them money to upkeep themselves and their families.

With medical experts they will not only be treating people and doing surgery but educate the people on prevention so as to have a much healthier population and spend far less money on medical care.

Koidu Limited is of the notion that children are our future leaders and that all must be done to capacitate them.

It was with this back drop that the company in its relocation package provided modern schools and bus services for the relocated schools in Kono. The bus service transports the children from their various places to the relocated schools built by the company.

By developing the education in any community, it is exposing the children to a lot of opportunities. Education helps the reasoning power of the children.

Education will help the children to know of all the other nations while remaining in their towns and villages as they will have to read and place their understanding of the reading in the cultural and historical context of that nation in a particular period. The company also supports local economic development such as grading the road to the UMC Senior Secondary School, donating and delivering trips of tailings, support in the construction of mosque, help during the Ebola period and a host of others.

As cleanliness is one way of protecting our environment and residing in a safe place, Koidu Limited donated t-shirts and high-vis vests to the Pioneers Organization to assist their voluntary program of cleaning and monitoring of garbage disposal with the Kimbadu Resettlement Community.

With lots of these packages, OCTAE is set to improve the economy and address issues of unemployment.


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