Newly Constructed bridge enhances economic activities in Tombo Community

By Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya

Although it is engaged in fishing activities as one of their main economic activities, the Tombo Community in the western Rural District of Sierra Leone was isolated from any vehicle and motor cycle access unless through by the sea. But thanks to the support from the Rural and Private Sector Development Project, the Community is now accessible after the project had constructed a bridge linking this fishing community.

After fishing at night and during the day, transporting their commodities was a major problem for the Tombo Community. In most cases, the fish will rot because there was no means of transporting the fish rapidly from the fishing points.

The newly Constructed bridge is now helping the Community people in Tombo

The newly Constructed bridge is now helping the Community people in Tombo

The bridge was constructed after the RPSDP decided that this community must end all its constraints from transporting their goods. The Head Man for the Tombo fishing Community, Mohamed Mansaray thanked and appreciated the efforts of the Rural and Private Sector Development Project for considering them in constructing a bridge that is now making accessibility to their Community.

Commenting and reflecting how they were coping in the community, the headman said it was difficult for them in the past to transport their fish and even letting traders visit their fishing points but from the time the bridge was constructed, it is now linking them to many opportunities and economic activities. He said “In the past, even Okada bikes were not able to access the fishing Community but for now, it is a thing of the past”.

The Chairlady of the Tombo Community, Madam Isatu Sesay said the construction of the bridge has created lots of opportunities for them because now they can get many investors into their Community. She said it was not like so in the past and congratulated the efforts of made by the RPSDP in other for the Community to get linkage from the rest of the other communities.

The Rural and Private Sector Development Program (RPSDP) is a Government of Sierra Leone project under the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security and was funded by the World Bank. With a domestic market improvement component, the project key objective is to increase production of selected agricultural commodities by twenty percent and sales by ten percent through improvements in efficiencies along the value chain for targeted beneficiaries.

Tombo a Predominantly fishing community in the outskirt of Freetown with a population of over sixteen thousand people is amongst the poorest Communities in the outskirt of Freetown. It is one of the many beneficiaries of the Rural-Private Sector Development Project under the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The project for the construction of the bridge is supported by the World Bank Group. Through this project, the RPSDP has also constructed new market and store for the Community where they will soon begin to sell and dry their fish.







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