US$7000 PAY FOR COURT SUPERVISOR …Unethical arrangement to undermine Chief Justice


It is administratively wrong and ethically incorrect to be a Judge and Jury in the same Court. This principle in Organizational Communication is widely accepted and respected by all administrators, except for the former Acting Chief Justice, Valesius Thomas who is the Chairman/Supervisor of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, by an Order dated 30th December, 2015 at the time the official appointment of the substantive Chief Justice was made and announced, but not received Parliamentary consent. It was in one of the meetings held in the month of December 2015 that the rush to illegality and unethical maneuvering was reportedly done by some of the members of the Commission.

Inside sources say, when the topic was being discussed after sensitizing some of the members present, he allegedly took a brief break to allow them do the appointment and came in to conclude the meeting, and was greeted with a unanimous decision from the membership.

It would be noted that the approval of His Excellency, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma for the creation of the office of Judicial Supervisor for the Local Courts that was conveyed to the Acting Chief Justice by the Secretary to the President was not done with the name of Valesius Thomas in mind as the occupant of the office after the expiration of his tenure as Acting Chief Justice, but was done because there was need for it to facilitate and upgrade the status of the Local Courts in the Country, but realizing the financial benefits he catapulted himself to it ignoring the unethical aspect of the process which he employed to achieve it. The position was never advertized to give opportunity to other Sierra Leoneans, nor was it done up to press time.

By now President Koroma would begin to reason out the degree and selfish nature of humanity, especially those who go around him pretending that they are helping him to succeed, but in reality using his tenure to help themselves.

Manipulating the process, Principal State Counsel Mr. Monfred Sesay who was earmarked as the right candidate for the position of Chairman (The Local Courts Act makes no provision for supervisor) considering his vast knowledge on Chiefdom administration, and having worked in the various provincial Chiefdoms for considerable period of time and very fluent in two or more of the dominant ethnical languages saw himself catapulted to the position of Appeal Court Judge, even when he did not ask for it, sources say. This was orchestrated to clear the way for the current holder of the position and gives credence to unethical administration.

It is not known whether the substantive Chief Justice, Abdulia Charm will allow the unethical arrangement to continue when he takes over the administration of the Judiciary. Not only will it undermine his administration, but a clear picture of usurping his administrative powers.  Section 21&22 of the terms of reference for a Judicial Supervisor of the Local Courts, under remuneration and incentive package stated as follows, “The Judicial Supervisor shall be provided with a composite monthly fee equivalent to US$7000, a monthly telephone top up equivalent of 1,000,000 Leones, a laptop, a vehicle and weekly fuel allocation of 70 litres (plus extra fuel for up country trips). There will be a small operational budget to support the office running cost, stationary, travels and maintenance cost)”

In addition to the remuneration and incentive package for the Chairman/Supervisor is a budget prepared for over One Billion Leones. Meanwhile, there is already the sum of Le1.2Billion seated in the government coffer meant for about four Local Courts for four Chiefdoms. Each Chiefdom is expected to benefit in the sum of Four Hundred Thousand Leones meant for building and refurbishments. (See copy of Judicial Supervisor Budget).(See next edition)

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