In Canada…SALNAM Dancers Take Sierra Leone Culture Sky High

Over the weekend, the Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM) dancers presented an astounding performance in front of hundreds of people at the African pavilion during the opening ceremony of the Folkorama Multicultural Festival in Winnipeg, Canada

The dancers stormed the hall gyrating to the pulsating rhythms of Daddy Saj’s hit song CHE-CHE. Dressed in eye-catching green, white and blue costumes which represent the national colours of Sierra Leone. The group was greeted by hundreds of applauding spectators at the festival with overwhelming support coming from the Sierra Leone community and their friends.

The choreography was simple, clean and flexible based on folktales of the Sierra Leonean culture which left a memorable impression on the audience.The  dance group stood out amongst veterans and distinguished African cultural performers such as Kinobe and Soul Beat Africa cultural group from Uganda , Spirit of Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia , Congo , south Africa , Zambia , Kenya , Sudan, Angola, Burundi, Somalia,  etc

Most dance groups presented only one staging in each round, but the Sierra Leone dance group performed twice for each round, making an indelible impression on the spectators.

Even though creating and staging competitive choreography in such a high spirit against veteran and renowned dancers was daunting, master choreographer Ali Hassan Nasralla with the support of Miss Halima Kamara ensured that the Sierra Leone dance group stood above it competitors over the weekend.

SALNAM which is the umbrella organization of all Sierra Leonean groups in Manitoba is known for its long standing record in preserving the Sierra Leone culture, and inculcating its values into the Canadian mainstream culture.

 SALNAM executive had worked assiduously to ensure that all logistics are in place, including transportation, food and security for all dancers and supporters.

The SALNAM dancers continue to thrill audiences as the festival enters its concluding days

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