POLICE LAWLESSNESS EXPOSED Adonkia turns war zone for brandishing guns and firing teargas

MunuIt is still not known what measures the Inspector General has adopted in response to the report of lawlessness and disregard for humanity reported by Lawyer Julius N.Cuffie. All that is known is that the wrong arrest was made and trump up charges to be proffered against the relative of Lawyer Julius Cuffie and not the trespasser or land grabber Bernadette Kallon. Inspector Moseray, Sgt Amara Lahai, Police Constable Michael Bockarie and Assistant Superintendent Mansaray were the celebrities of destruction at Adonkia, when they stormed the private property of Lawyer Cuffie, destroyed his structure and humiliated his mother-in-law who was using the temporal structure as her resident.
While all these illegal acts were ongoing Bernadette Kallon, who according to family sources has paid the police to accomplish this the task was busy celebrating her luck for getting some unscrupulous members of the Sierra Leone Police Force to execute her plan, which was to beat up and intimidate the owner and resident of the property to vacate and then take over, using guns and tear gas.
The police after turning Adonkia to a “war zone” fighting on behalf of Bernadette Kallon who claimed that the private piece of land was leased to her by the Ministry of Lands Country Planning and the Environment, later arrested an innocent viewer who was lost in shock and surprises to see the unprofessional and lawless behavior of some men in police uniforms, handcuffed him and later whisked him away to the Lumley police station, locked him in police custody and levy fictitious claims that he obstructed police while performing their legal and lawful duties.
According to sources at the scene, the police hired by Bernadette Kallon forced their way into the property without a Court Order or Search warrant and started firing tear gas to disperse workers who were lawfully performing their duties to which they have been paid to do.
This is not the first time that some members of the Sierra Leone Police Force have behaved in this way that sent shockwaves to many people. Before leaving the property of Lawyer Cuffie, they threatened to revisit the scene again and if anyone is found there he or she would either leave or not to tell the story. Two letters of complaints have been sent to the Inspector General of Police but up to press time, no action has been reported taken.

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