By Fadda Bakish
Alhaji MoijuehKaikai and Mustapha Bad Attila…
The Minister’s office vandalized

A retired post master in the United Kingdom Alhaji Moijueh Kaikai and a onetime entertainer of the notorious Zanzibar, in down town Washington District of Columbia, Mustapha Bai Atila, have turned the office of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Gender Affair into an arena of nasty scene of vulgar and unprinted languages not fit for the ears of both adults and school going children. Both the Minister and Deputy Ministers successfully transformed the Social Welfare office into a school of bad words that are taught by indecent and violent people not befitting Ministerial office. Dressed in ministerial suits representing the Executive arm of Government they disregarded every protocol. The creation of the disgraceful scene by the two Government officials left them exposed as they released pertinent information that showcased them as corrupt, incompetent and selfish. They enjoyed trading insults and accusations of tribalism, womanizing, and sexual harassment in their offices.
The two political heads left onlookers and members of staff and a cross section of the wider public pondering as to how these uncut and poorly mannered individuals became Government Ministers. Despite their educational handicap and poorly groomed background they were considered blessed with Presidential appointments to serve in such capacities that turned out to be a mockery to President Koroma.
Staffs and passers-by who witnessed the ugly scene and display of unprinted and vulgar languages by the two Ministers on Thursday 3rd March 2016 are now calling for their immediate replacement as they are not good examples nor is their behavior a symbol of emulation. Abusive language, accusation of rape, theft, sexual assault, physical violence, and criminal allegation all traded against each other openly. Eyewitness accounts that the Deputy Minister blocked the exit door of his boss and has accused President Koroma of appointing people that are not APC members who are not contributing a dime to the party.
He also accused the Minister of abusing his mother and marginalizing him in the running of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Gender Affairs.
The Minister told this reporter on the phone over the weekend that the widely circulated audio in the social media is not the original one, but their voices are clearly visible and identifiable. This was however not enough to tell, as to why he allegedly attacked the Minister and accused him of harassing women working at the Ministry and young girls on the street bringing them into his office to have sex. The Deputy Minister is said to have seen himself being marginalized by the Minister whom he accused of being a traitor in the All Peoples Congress Party, a tribalist and a womanizer.
His decision to block the main door on Thursday was in protest of the Minister’s refusal to get him new tires for his official vehicle after the request was considered rebuffed.
Report further states that the Minister, Alhaji Moijueh Kaikai responded by referring to his deputy as a backbiter and a celebrated womanizer.
The Permanent Secretary, Momoh Foh is said to have made a narrow escape after all efforts to calm down the situation failed.
The Deputy Minister has reportedly written a letter of complaint to His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma against his boss.
However, sources say a letter of complaint from a senior female Police Officer against the Minister had reached the President for action.
The Minister told this reporter via SMS that he has decided not to comment for now.

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