Is this a Headache!

Written by: Essa Thaim Kurugba, Kambia, Sierra Leone
At the time I finished my first publication, I was asked by my colleagues with some embarrassing questions that seems to be very alarming and needed attention: What are the SLPP thinking at this time and what are their headaches? To my candid opinion, I considered them to have headaches which are constantly been triggered by their own supporters and who are also the enemies of progress.
At first, I was mystified and bamboozled; I had never wanted to answer these displeasing questions. In return, my questions were: Are we thinking about the criminals roaming the dark streets at night? Or, you mean the SLPP bosses who are mentally and emotionally killing voters with stress and harsh words? Or the SLPP supporters in the offices are engaging in graft and corruption, instead of helping those in need? My perplexity was boundless as the skies. As an APC, I quickly detect the implications which the enemies of progress are already into; but in other words, the APC party has one common opponent “the enemies of evolution”, who are the SLPP supporters. They derail progress and support retrogression. The chronic headaches and misfortunes which they triggered are coming back to haunt them. They may not want to admit it, but the worst enemies of progress are themselves (SLPP supporters). Meticulously as one would like to ask: who do we blame when something goes wrong in our daily lives? Do we blame the people around us, the weather, maybe even God? Remember, it’s we the people who are the ones in control of ourselves. Our political leaders like the people’s president – H. E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma whose leadership style would only be the one who is willing and able to change the outcome of the people’s lives. The APC party has the capacity to do that and they are still doing it but the fear of jealousy, greed and self-centeredness that is controlling these SLPP’s supporters’ lives is someone’s guess. In retrospect, some people who never managed to get out of poverty cast the blame to the government or their jobs.

The SLPP failed the nation during their era. They were too afraid to try out new ventures that may improve the socio-economic development of the nation. They half-heartedly go to work on their own time. They embezzled government funds, womanizer and left a destitute nation for the APC to take over. Then when the day is done, they go to their luxurious home at I-MATT, watch TV and go out aimlessly having fun without seriously thinking of what great opportunity the future has in store for them as political leaders, if only they would have tried to do something different with their lives as politicians.
The persistence headaches in this SLPP camp has caused many supporters to remain frigid and to never wanted go out exploring the wonderful things this world has to offer for our impoverish nation. Lots of these enemies of progress would rather stay where they are in unsatisfied domains than to risk difficulties and obstacles for the sake of attaining the people’s dreams. If their lives are not getting any better during the time they needed help, they have no one else’s to blame but themselves.
The SLPP headaches are all about jealous and envy. The Sell People get agitated and frantic very easily and caused some relationship problems within themselves. Some of their members, who are enemies of progress, immediately jump to conclusions without first analyzing the situation when they are penniless. They let their sudden emotions control their behaviors without even thinking of the consequences that may result. If they’re having problems with their relationships, they have no one else to blame but themselves. This goes to show that it was their failed governance during the SLPP 11 years. As enemies of progress, some sell people supporters will say that there were circumstances that were beyond their own control, just like natural calamities. They will continue to say that, they could have still utilized their best advantage to all the things that we have control of. Sometimes, these Sell People would just get drunk and feel miserable, thinking that it’s the end of the world. Some will move onwards with their lives and find the best in what remains with them.
To you all APC, the SLPPs are proven to be the enemies of progress and they should come out of the shadows to commend and speak well of H.E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma’s leadership. We don’t even need to cry over spilled milk. We don’t need to get frustrated over this SLPP supporters headache. For the love of Mama Salone, let’s join hands together and concentrate on how the Koroma’s administration could get better and to do more in the future. Likewise, if we encounter problems during the course of the developments, we can either succumb to it, or we can treat it as an opportunity to become stronger and a better individual. Winners like APC supporters would always like to treat their dilemmas as opportunities. Conclusively, SLPP supporters need some headache pills to curve their retrogressive mannerism. They can continue to be our worst enemy of progress, but they can also be our best friend. It’s all up to them if they want to see progress in Mama Salone!

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