BUSY BEE …. Hookworms for Sale


The creature, Busy Bee had hovered around several places to ascertain the validity of news doing the rounds in Brookfields that a certain make-shift structure located close to the entrance of an expensive Secondary School on Old Railway Line, opposite the China House Entertainment is “the place” Indeed, it’s “the place” where “roasted raw” meats are sold.  A huge foreign national with protruded stomach is the sales man whom the creature saw roasting the meat, that never finished. The creature spent One Hundred Thousand Leones to purchase the roasted meat, with the feeling that it is done properly and can be consumed, but alas the meat is not properly roasted. With raw blood oozing from the meat, the huge, fat and protruded stomach seller explained to the creature that the blood oozing out is good and would make the roasted meat taste sweet.

After purchase of a Hundred Thousand Leones assumed roasted goat and cow meat, the creature left happily(pictured in this edition), only to discover that the meat was not roasted properly and this type of uncooked or unroasted meat is the breeding base for hookworms and other related worms in the stomach. Dangerous enterprises. Selling unroasted meat for human consumption that has landed many Sierra Leoneans in the hospitals. The creature having tasted and realized that the meat was not properly roasted, but sold out to the unsuspecting members of the public is calling on every Sierra Leoneans to stop purchasing and eating uncooked and unroasted meat, especially meat sold at Brookfields, Old Railway Line opposite China House, where the huge and fat seller is the Chief Roaster. You have been warned! Stop buying uncooked and unroasted meat, if not you will end up at the Connaught Hospital and will cost you a lot of money. Lonta



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