Wheeler Dealer Chief in Fraud Investor Writes Local Govt. Minister


“… I would like to draw your attention to the injustice done to me by the Paramount   Chief of Dian Chiefdom, PC Sheku Magba111for duping our Company, OMEGO MINING COMPANY” were the opening paragraph of a letter authored by a foreign investor to the Minister of Local Government, Hon. Maya Moiwo Kaikai.    The letter detailed the transaction that landed the foreign investor in a properly arranged scheme headed by the Paramount Chief of the Dian Chiefdom.

It is becoming apparently and evidently explicit that since the return of Sheku Magba, after his sixteen wasteful years in the United States of America all that he was specialized in is how to dupe foreigners and make them helpless.

Transporting relevant and productive skills for others to benefit was not his focus but to fraudulently obtain money from his unsuspecting victims, using all kinds of exploitation and tactics that would discredit his administration. This  he cares very less about.

Paramount Chief Sheku Magba 111 has carved a destructive reputation for himself since his return, which does not in any way befit a traditional leader.

The letter dated 5th September, 2016 sent to the Local Government Minister did not only solicit his intervention, but called on him to use his office for a refund of the money in the sum of US$50,000 excluding the US$15,000 Paramount Chief Sheku Magba 111 claimed was money to be refunded to a Chinese business group that demonstrated interest in undertaking mining activities in his district.

“Since you are my African brothers, I would prefer you in my Chiefdom than the Chinese so you have to refund their money” He sweet talked them and downloaded the sum of US$15,000 that later proved to be a hoax.

PC Sheku Magba 111 has been using these skills that are akin to criminality as a survival strategy and rendering his unsuspecting victims voiceless and speechless as he most of the time after accomplishing his goal used the current political party in Governance to intimidate them.

It is not known what the Hon. Minister of Local Government would do to rescue the situation as a staff of the foreign team that came to Sierra Leone to explore is now living in poverty after being fleeced by one of the Country’s traditional leader.


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