Late President Siaka Stevens’s Aid blasts APC for ungratefulness

Filled with disillusionment and dejection he least expected to have occurred to him after serving both the former President and Leader of the All Peoples Congress Party (APC), the late Siaka P. Stevens. Agreed, that the APC Party was overthrown in 1992 and out of governance for a period of about fifteen years that left some of us in great suffering and displacement, however the reactivation and re-emergence of the party under the administration of President Ernest Bai Koroma should not in any way be a multiplication and continuation of our suffering and total abandonment of some of us who suffered and laid the foundation for those that are currently enjoying the fruits of the party”. These are the few words of one of the strongmen of the late Siaka. P. Stevens who voluntarily confessed to this medium that he and few others are not living the life of normal human beings. “We are begging handouts from members of other political parties, who are sympathetic of our plights and used to be our old time friends, bother our relatives who are rendering assistance to us grudgingly with unpleasant comments” Harold Onassis Neville explained, and went on further “This is not the All Peoples Congress Party I know, that we worked and sacrificed to give recognition to the world. It is a new party that I have renamed “Ungrateful People’s Congress Party”.

Harold...accusing APC of ungratefulness

Harold Onassis Neville, popularly known among his APC Colleagues of the Youth League as “Obagie” said that his contemporaries in the APC are, J.E.Levarse, Lloyd Kojo Randall, Olufemi John, Bonton Cole, Ade Wally John and others “In the 1977 election, I stood down for J.E. Levarse in West One when the late Siaka Stevens advised me to do so under the One Party State administration. Most of my financial resources and energy were utilized for the party, currently only few of those who sacrificed in the past are enjoying and one such person we learnt has transformed himself to a “Chief Adviser” is J.E.Levarse, while the rest of us are suffering with some already dead” He said, with tears running down as he reflects his past and said “Politics is an ungrateful profession”

With no fixed place of abode, no job from the ruling APC party to resuscitate him on earth, Harold Onassis Neville explained that during the days of the late ex-president Siaka P. Stevens, most of them now roaming the streets rendered assistance to both members and non-members of the party, citing the former Deputy Inspector General of Police Mr. Kandeh Bangura as one of the beneficiaries and other individuals who are now neglecting them. He commended Mr. Balogun Koroma for thinking of the past and recognizing the fact that he should assist him financially and otherwise “I have made several representation to the Party’s Office, explaining our plights and went further to ask them to provide us with jobs to earn our living, but all we received from the Party’s Office is total rejection” He explained.

In a state of frustration, the former aid explained that they were the field men of the Party that performed very crucial role to keep the Party in power until it was overthrown by Soldiers who described themselves as National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC). “They entered the city with deception and under the pretext of coming for logistics, but found themselves at the seat of political power not at the Army Headquarters or the Wilberforce Barracks where Soldiers are expected to go and talk to their seniors” He said. The plot to overthrow the APC was passed on to the government but both Bambay Kamara and Joseph Saidu Momoh treated the information lightly as the war was the main focus at the time which was getting worst by the day as most of the Soldiers fighting at the front and some other unknown people were benefiting directly from it, so the only information relevant to the government at the time was the war, how to stop it from spreading further.

The late James Bambay Kamara never believed that some of the military boys he helped would join forces with some of the southeasters to kick the APC from power or even to arrest and killed him like an animal. “He used to pay School, College and University fees for a good number of students, not to mention parents and other groups of individuals who come to him both in his office and on his farm for assistance. He was such a generous person, with wealth of experience in policing” He said.

What has left Obagie frustrated and in a state of disappointment is the way and manner some of them are treated with discrimination by the current administration “ I and others have been left to die, no work, no food to eat, no decent place to sleep and ironically, it is our party that is in governance” He said.

The re-emergence of the party after its sad history from power is good, especially when its leader is one with focus and dedication, but the question none of them including the Leader and President of Sierra Leone is unable to respond to either adequately or inadequately is why should the party abandoned those who had given their best in the past to keep it in power for about twenty three years?. The contribution of the party to the development of Sierra Leone cannot in any way be compared to any political party in the country, citing infrastructure, bilateral relationships with other countries to economic developments and called on the present Leader of the Party and Executives not to forget about the past “If there is no past, there would have been no present or future” He concluded.

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