“For cutting a tree in secret society bush” …Timber Trade business man wanted

Desmond Jabbie, a former employee of the African Minerals Sierra Leone Mining Limited and a businessman who trade in Timber is wanted by the Police after he was reported by members of the Ojeh Society in Sierra Leone for allegedly damaging the society house (Shrine) and entering the society bush.

Jabbie is alleged to have ordered his boys to cut a big tree in the Ojeh Secret Society bush that fell and damage the society house.

According to information gathered, the cutting of the tree happens around the 7th July 2016, prompting confusion in the village of Lokomasam in the Kafu Bullom Chiefdom, Port Loko district, Northern Sierra Leone.

Mr. Jabbie is allegedly, said to have committed a crime by cutting a tree in the Ojeh Secret Society bush in Port Loko district and damaging the society house as well.

“This is place meant for only members of the society. a place that is not authorized for non-member according to people in Lokomasama.

It was also alleged that the bush has been desecrated and until certain ceremonies are perform members will not enter the bush. This makes the situation scary leading to Mr. Jabbie to flee the country after he was alleged to be in hiding in another village.

Two people are said to have been killed in earlier in 2016 after they entered the bush without authorization.

No sooner news went out that Mr. Jabbie and his boys had enter the “sacred bush” members of the Ojeh society summoned a meeting and demanded the presence of Mr. Jabbie.

Information gathered from the village of Lokomasa stated that Jabbie left the village the sooner he got wind of the society decision and what they had planned to do.

Secret society in Sierra Leone is a powerful unit and not even the government joke with their activities. Their members include influential people in society for which Sierra Leone is no exception.

The Ojeh Secret society is one among the many secret societies in the country that are feared by non-members.

A public notice was quickly put out and a ransom of ($20, 0000) Twenty Thousand Dollars for anybody with information that will lead to the arrest of Mr. Jabbie.

Report says both Mr. Jabbie and his wife have fled the country for their safety.

Mr. Jabbie and his Wife Fatmata Conteh are currently on the run as nobody knows their whereabouts at the moment.

The matter was involving the damage to the house was reported to the police and a public notice put out for the arrest of the Timber businessman.

The notice reads: Mr. Desmond Jabbie is wanted by the police and anybody who sees him should report to the nearest police station. A handsome reward of Twenty Thousand Dollars will be given to anybody or group of persons that will give information leading to his arrest, the notice reads further.

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