That SLPP’s Poor Leadership Choice

The political nemesis eating the Sierra Leone Problem Party (SLPP), are greediness, self-indulgence and self-pettiness within themselves.  From their party chairperson down to the least executive member, every one of them wants to be domineering, over-assertive and bossy.  On average, people of two opposing ideas can flip-flop; stir up arguments and even put up a fight. This was the situation when one of the Flag bearer aspirants thinks he has the right concept to the flag bearership; while the other one also believes he has the proper notion and perception to lead. Both of them would try to outsmart each other until one claims victory. This is exactly what happened with the Sell People party. They bungled and messed up during their convention for a poor leadership choice, now they are going to pay the penalty come 2012. The current SLPP leadership choice made by the Sell People during their convention was bad, unlikable and distasteful within the minds of many Sierra Leoneans. Choosing a leader whose hands were responsible for the APC been removed from power in 1992, stirs up the political nemesis within their own party in selecting a bad seed for leadership. At this point in time, these same Sell People supporters have developed a multiple conflicts within their beliefs. No two or more members are exactly alike. Sometimes, they are unique; not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Furthermore, there will be many times when others opinion will not correspond with that of another. So how can people prevent this kind of conflict from occurring within their camp? Good question. This will never occur within the leadership of the Koroma’s administration.


Believe me, if some of these grumpy old men like N’Gor Banya and others could have chosen an immaculate, spotless and not a low ranking soldier (Captain) as their own leader; again one whose hand are untainted, unpolluted and uncorrupted, key members of the Sierra Leone Peoples Problem would have been the key players to overcome doubts and misunderstandings to where this Sell People Party heading. Person like Chairman Oponjo Benjamin and others should have let their political supporters know what’s in their minds and avoid in keeping them guessing. For the records purposes, the Sell People could have chosen a flag bearer who is unblemished and flawless for our children who are also our future leaders.

Painstakingly N‘Gor Banya, what really disturbs me is that, you failed the Peoples trust. The next time, you need to try to reassure your SLPP supporters on any made up decision, which will benefit both the executive and parties. People need to feel that they had made the right choice but not the choice of an NPRC captain like Maada Bio who assumed office through the barrel of the gun. Now, the SLPP is no longer at ease for their poor leadership choice during the SLPP national convention

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