$45million tax fraudster detained …CID awaits formal extradition request 


By Abu Bakarr Kargbo

At the time Mr. Musa Benson Turay was calculating the risk of running away from the United States of America to Sierra Leone to save him from prosecution, he failed to take into account that there is a bilateral agreement between Sierra Leone and the United States of America. Besides, he downplayed the might of America that it is a Country that can go into any Country and take what she wants. The story of Osama Bin Laden he did not read, nor did he browse over the historic document of Noriega, the former President of Panama and how the senior George Bush Administration got hold of him when the administration needed him at all cost. Mr. Musa Benson Turay miscalculated the risk involved and decided to run to Sierra Leone little did he know that he was not going to be saved. In Sierra Leone, full of confidence and certainty that at last he has reached the home of freedom, when in the first week of November, this year he reaceived a shocking news that he was been haunted

The Criminal Investigations Department is awaiting the formal request from the United States of America to extradite a Sierra Leonean-American Citizen, named Musa Benson Turay who was arrested on 3rd November 2016 in Freetown for the offence of alleged tax fraud in America

The Deputy Head of INTERPOL in Sierra Leone, Inspector Mohamed Sidibay confirmed to this medium that Turay jumped bail in the United States of America where he was standing trial for defrauding the U.S. Government the staggering sum of $45million, with the impression that running to Sierra Leone, his initial place of birth with provide a safe haven for him.  After he had lavishly spent what he criminally acquired, Mr.Turay ran out of luck, by then the United States Government through the State Department had contacted authorities in Sierra Leone and requested for the arrest and detention of the fugitive, until the process of extradition is complete to the United States of America where he would complete his trial.

“We have him in our custody and we are awaiting the formal and final paper work to complete to Turay to be taking back to his country of naturalization as a citizen of that country. Inspector Sidibay said.

Sierra Leone like other Countries colonized by the British and upholding human rights and justice had signed an Extradition Treaty with the United States of America and many other Countries. Although, INTERPOL is however facilitating the process the matter is now between the two states.


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