United Bank of Africa and Tony Elumelu Foundation connives with Ghanian to dupe people

The United Bank of Africa and the Tony Elumelu Foundation are latest operatives in Nigeria scamming potential people in Sierra Leone and other parts of the region. This scammer business is done through their front aide called Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh who sits in Ghana and operates a so-called business named as Business Executive Magazine.
He poses as a serious business journalist for the Tony Elumelu Foundation collecting write ups for the foundation and giving to other countries across the world. While he sits in Ghana, Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh will call people on a regular basis and offer them services to serve as agents in Sierra Leone. The contracted person in Sierra Leone with his instruction will meet editors in various newspaper houses to do media publications. Immediately that is done, Masahudu will not respond to that person again nor send the monies to pay the editors. Instead of paying for the services provided, he will contact other person to do other publications for the Tony Elumelu Foundation and the UBA in Nigeria.

Despite efforts to contact Masahudu to try and pay for the services, he will always keep dodging that the United Bank of Africa which Tony Elumelu has major shares have not yet paid (evidences of text messages etc are all available).
Owing three editors here in sierra Leone for three publication amounting to around $300USD, the United Bank of Africa in Nigeria was first contacted online with a copy sent to masahudu after he said the bank had refused to pay him. The Bank replied that they did not recognize any person of such and he may be a potential fraudster using the name of the bank. He immediately called and expressed anger for informing the bank about his dubious acts.
After a while, the Tony Elumelu Foundation was also contacted through online portal but none of their staff replied to requests for clarifications.
When all these fail, the President for the Ghana Journalists Association, Dr. Affail Monney was contacted to help retrieve the monies from Masahudu but all efforts fail.
As we speak, Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh had refused to pay the monies and had un-friend from face book those he had given the contract for sierra Leone.

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