The adage “not the coat that matter, but the man in the coat” sounds a different phenomenon to the Director General of the Ministry of Defence, Mr. Sana Marah. For him, both the man and the coat are not important and credible and that the man is known for his notoriety in violence and the use of abusive languages to satisfy his thirst and cool down his anger. Saturday night, he was seen enjoying what he likes most and that his violence. For him, violence is a sport and whether it destroys lives or properties is another story for him.  In the midst of hired thugs that stormed the residence of his in-law, he celebrated his achievement. What may sound strange in the midst of all these considering his age it is expected by many of his colleagues and contemporaries that he should have retired from violence now and the use of abusive language. The group of thugs under his temporal employment reportedly entered the premises of his in-law at Wilberforce, demanding that his daughter who that had been married for the past five years should return home immediately. Mr. Sana Marah had survived several scandals in the past and had taken undue advantage against a number of Sierra Leoneans and the miracle is that he always go unpunished. The group of thugs, whom it is believed had received stipends from the Director General, would not listen to advice or words from reasonable minds as they bent on accomplishing their mission so that they could collect their balance. They were advised by their contractor not to lay a finger on his daughter, but to beat up his in-law mercilessly, for reason they were not told. “Go and do what you have been instructed to do and when you finish come and collect the balance of what was agreed upon” He reportedly instructed them. They left with one mind and with one accord and that is; to beat up the in-law, destroy what he has and leave the scene immediately. One of them went out of luck and was apprehended by sympathizers. The arrival of the hired thugs caused panic, when they commenced the operation with pelting and stoning of the premises that houses his daughter, grand children and in-law.  At the initial stage, the sound of a heavy bang was registered on the gate on the drive through leading to the house. This was the signal that a group of strange uninvited visitors are trying to gain illegitimate entrance into the premises. Neighbors thought that the military boys of Brigadier Milton had descended on the household of Mr. Marah’s in-law, daughter and grandchildren, until when they come to know that the thugs were on a diabolic mission. What is however disappointing is when several telephone calls were made to the Sierra Leone Police for rescue, but proved futile so when that failed the in-law was left with no option but to escape with his family to an known location in an effort to protect the lives of his family and himself and there were clear indications that the thugs were there to carry out specific assignments. In the politics and history of Sierra Leone, the name Sana Marah is associated with violence and petty administrative corruption. He has worked in almost every Ministry in the Country and each of them has its own story to tell about Sana Marah and nothing sounds good about those stories. Either it’s a story of violence or disregard for official protocols and would brag about his political connections in every political system. The late Gloria Newman Smart of the Country’s Immigration Department, if alive could have advised her fellow Sierra Leoneans to distance themselves from him. But her death would not mean the end of the unpalatable stories about Sana Marah. What took place Saturday night at Wilberforce Spur Loop can be recounted to other Sierra Leoneans -that Sana Marah, Director General of the Ministry of Defence enjoys promoting violence and can use it to intimidate the life of his in-law 


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