Huajian Group plans $200million investment in Africa

By Abu BakarrKargbo in China

Huajian Group is planning to invest $200million in the coming years to expand its operations especially in poor countries and provide direct and indirect employment to over a hundred thousand people. The Group is one of the largest medium-high grade female leather footwear enterprises in the world. It currently owns three major business groups, namely: Dongguan Huabao Business Group, GanzhouHuajian Business Group and Ethiopian Business Group. With over ten subsidiaries and branches, the Group has established a complete industrial chain by integrating R&D, trading, leather making, shoe parts making, shoe machine supporting, finished products processing, logistics and distribution, education and training and footwear headquarters base.

The company recorded an annual turnover of $300million in 2016 of which 5% was profit.
Addressing African Journalists on Sunday 16th April 2017, the President of Huajian Group, HauRong Zhang said although they are receiving the blessing and political will of the Government of China, the Group is private owned and managed. At present, he said their products are sold in the U.S. and European markets, adding that in the near future they hope spread their business in the world, especially in the African Market, which has lots of potentials for trade and growth.
“We want the whole world to change its negative perceptions about Africa. We know that the continent has a brighter future,” he said, and added that African Countries should show their willingness for more investments and provide enough security for investors and their equipment.
The company has trained 350 Ethiopians so far and hopes to empower over 2000 Africans with skills to boost the shoe manufacturing industry. Currently, fifty percent of their raw material is coming from Ethiopia, twenty percent for China and thirty percent from other parts of the world.
The Group can boast of over 20, 000 employees with an annual yield of nearly 20 million pairs of finished shoes.
Following the idea of quality first, delivery on time, competitive price and outstanding service, Huajian has enjoyed overwhelming strength in terms of strong production capacity, design and development, advanced technology and outstanding quality and service. This has made all top thirty female footwear brands continues to be loyal customers.
The total investment in the company is US$56.6bn which makes GanzhouHuajian the key export enterprise of Guangdong Province and Guanzhou City. The company is responsible for the production and sales of many kinds of shoe, leather and leather goods. Huajian is equipped with 22 shoemaking production lines, and has an annual output of 6 million pairs and a total import and export volume of US$1.35bn.

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