Site Engineer on the run as Two hundred million Leones Ebola money got missen

Report monitored from Jimmy Bagbo, in the Bo district, Southern Sierra Leone over the weekend reveals engineer Mamoud Hamed Barrie has made away with over Two Hundred Million Leones of Ebola funds. The funds accordingly, were meant for the rehabilitation and construction of medical facilities in the township. Jimmy Bagbo is the home town of Sierra Leone Vice President Mr. Victor Bockarie Foh where the facility was under construction.

This was after a riot had ensued in the township leading to the death of seven people and destruction of the Hospital under rehabilitation and the construction of additional structures to the hospital. The riot came after community people complaints over marginalization and lack of respect for authorities in the community.
Community people complaint, they were never informed about the said construction and all the workforce were from Freetown leaving out indigenes and young people, capable of doing the job. The entire workforce had to be chased out of the town leading to Engineer Barrie allegedly running away with the funds meant for the construction.
The money in the tune of Two Hundred Million Leones was geared towards boasting the health sector through the construction and habilitation of the Bagbo hospital.
Investigation according police sources says, Engineer Barrie was responsible for all deaths that occurred on the site and damages cause by rioters on the government facility. This is a serious crime according to police Commander in the area, Superintendent, Yusif Amadu Sesay. This is also a crime of embezzlement of public funds he said.
Engineer Barrie, if arrested could possibly be charged for both murder and embezzlement and could spend the rest of his life in jail or possible death sentence as Sierra Leone still has the death penalty in its law books.
Meanwhile, police have invited family members of Engineer Barrie for interrogation. The family has denied any knowledge of their son’s involvement in the crime noting that Barrie was a decent and honest man. “We are shocked about these allegations, a member of the family said. We don’t know his whereabouts at the moment and we also fear for his life.”
The government has declared Engineer Barrie wanted and put the sum of Five Million Leones as compensation for who so ever may give information leading to his arrest. Police continue investigation into the said incident.

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