…Immigration Office turns epicenter for corruption
The Principal Immigration Officer (PIO) has the Constitutional mandate to endorse all passports prior to its release to applicants. This has been the primary responsibility of this office since it was established to date and there has been no further amendment to it that would prevent the holder of the office to refrain from carrying out this responsibility and other related assignments as described in the Constitution and or administrative assignments.
Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the holder of the office to explain how ten of the Country’s passports were sold to a representative of the terrorist group called ISIS.

From Kenya to Sierra Leone via Liberia and back and unfortunately was arrested with the package of Passports that were to be delivered to members of the terrorist group. The Transnational Organized Crime Unit, popularly known as TOCU will reportedly obtain policy statement from the Principal Immigration Officer today relating to the general operation of the immigration and passport service. TOCU Officials would also require from him detail explanation how the ten passports slipped through the porous holes of the immigration building into the hands of the ISIS representative, Kenyan born from East Africa.
According to investigation carried out by this medium, prior to the departure of the Kenyan national to Freetown, contacts had already been made between the insider at the Immigration office and the group’s representative. Cost of each of the passport was discussed and equilibrium reached so he took off from Kenya and disembarked in Liberia where he met with a friend, a Sierra Leonean called Bailor Barrie who connected him to his brother called Gibril Barrie, a resident of Winter Street. According to sources, Gibril Barrie was not told the nature of business he was coming to Sierra Leone to establish, whether it was official or not or has to do with the purchase of Sierra Leonean passports. All he was told is that he was in Sierra Leone on a brief trip to do business and would have to return soon after accomplishing the business, but will have to come back depending on the outcome of the initial business. He did not pass the night at Kissy, Winter Street, boarded a vehicle that brought him to Freetown where the ISIS Kenyan representative was able to locate a lady, believed to be his parlour wife. It was this lady who called the insider at the Immigration Office and informed him that he has a stranger that would want to meet with him. Otaigah welcomed his guest and secured an accommodation for him until the ten passports have been acquired without any of the applicants appearing physically at the Immigration Office.
Mr. Kholifa Koroma is the Principal Immigration Officer whose duty among other things is responsible for the endorsement of passports before issuing out to the respective applicants. It is not known whether in this era of Biometric System, he endorsed the ten passports before they were being issued out or not. The money collected from the raid on the premises at Winter Street, which was conducted by TOCU reportedly has no dealings with the ISIS representative. The TOCU team collected from the premises the sum of US$1,200(One Thousand Two Hundred Dollars) and a cash of Le6, 000.000 (Six Million Leones) with a house document. Yesterday, the Principal Immigration Officer was invited by officials of the Office of National Security (ONS) to throw light on the burning security breach involving the Country’s passport. (See next edition)

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