DOMESTIC TROUBLE FOR OMBUDSMAN AS Lawyer Denies 2nd intimidating Letter

Since the newly appointed Ombudsman, Legal Practitioner, Lawyer Melron Nicol-Wilson took a wife from the Sana Marrah Family; he has not known peace. Unfortunately, the couple love, adore and cherish each other and God has blessed them with two kids. But what is most disturbing to the Legal Practitioner is what many of his friends have described as the diabolical plan and intention of his Father-In- Law not only to put an end to the enviable and progressive matrimonial union, but the wicked plan to tarnish the image of the promising young man, whose output and national contribution has impressed President Ernest Bai Koroma to appoint him as the Country’s Ombudsman to represent Sierra Leone both locally and internationally.

Every three months, the Father-In-Law of Mr. Melron Nicol-Wilson is in the habit of manufacturing allegations against his in law. If the allegation is not about being a witch-hunt, it would be competing with him. Recently, the campaign has heightened when the President in his wisdom and prerogative decision appointed Mr. Nicol-Wilson as the successor to Justice Cowan. Whether the Director General of the Ministry of Defence was not expecting the elevation of his in- law or has seen it as a threat is what is beginning to emerge with recent ugly development that evidently has to do with the personal reputation of the newly appointed Ombudsman. On the day of his Parliamentary approval, the Director General, Mr. Sana Marrah hired the services of Lawyer Francis Gabbidon to write a letter and copied to various heads of institutions, claiming that Lawyer Melron Nicol-Wilson had threatened to kill him and his wife. The motive of the letter according to a Member of Parliament was not achieved as it was not giving any recognition “We are not expecting a gentleman like Melron Nicol-Wilson to kill his Father-in Law, so we thrash it as it bears no substance and significance” the MP said. But that has not dampened the ill-motivated effort and diabolical plan of the Director General of the Ministry of Defence.
For the past couple of weeks, the behavior of Mr. Sana Marrah could be described as physiologically disturbed, and what has led to his predicament to the point of manufacturing all sorts of allegations against his in-law is absurd and strange. The letter from Lawyer Gabbidon mentioned the same allegation, dated 10th and 18th April, 2017 under the caption RE: THREATS TO KILL MR AND MRS SANA JOHNSEN MARAH. A copy of the letters have been handed over to the police and the media, but Lawyer Gabbidon is now denying the second letter dated 18th April, 2017, saying that it did not originate from him “I only sent one letter which my way book can show and not a second one as claimed” He said, but what led him to write the first letter cannot be published in this edition as he revealed the reason to this medium based on the relationship between him and the standard times newspaper.
Having failed in his desperation to get Parliament to put a hold on his nomination, Mr. Marrah reportedly rushed to the Lumley Police Station and made similar death threat allegation against his in-law hoping that he would be interrogated and subsequently attract media attention. Unfortunately, that effort did not pay off, but Mr. Marrah has not relented as his ambition is to crumble and squeezed his in-law and creates unthinkable scandal of his personality and gets him relieved of his national assignment.
The latest move by Mr. Marrah is to write a letter in which he purported that it was done by a group of concerned members of the Fourah Bay Community, claiming that they are giving a 21-day notice to the Government of President Ernest Bai Koroma to release the newly appointed Ombudsman of his duty to make a statement to the Police on allegation that he has threatened to kill Mr. and Mrs Sana Marrah. Many questions have been asked by some members of the general public as to why the Director General of the Ministry of Finance could imagine that Mr. Melron Nicol-Wilson want to kill him. It is for his 50-bedroom hotel valued approximately Five Million Dollars? As a Civil Servant where did he solicit, derive or obtained the funds to put up the 50-bedroom Complex at SS Camp. In a telephone interview with Lawyer Melron Nicol-Wilson about the allegation to kill his Father-in Law and Wife, Mr. Nicol –Wilson said “I cannot imagine me or anyone close to me to commit an offence of such nature” and went on “ They are my family and I have great respect for him for giving me a beautiful wife and kids that are my future” “ I don’t want to comment on that, though I have heard and received letters bearing such allegations but my Lawyer will respond to all those allegations in the nearest future”

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