Fraudulent Papers to sell property causes Case file missing at HIGH COURT

How the case file of 67 Pademba got missing in Court, is fastly becoming an issue for the beneficiaries of the property on whose interest a fresh application was filed in court recently. It would be recalled that an application was filed in court for the sale of the property by a court order after the death of two brothers and a sister. Two of the surviving sisters after the death of the three individuals conspired to sell the property in an effort to deprive children and grandchildren who are the legitimate beneficiaries of the Property. The two surviving sisters have their own personal properties located at Lumley and Smart Farm, which they have not sold or has any intention to sell, unlike the 67, Pademba road property that they went to court for an order to sell.
Justice Kamanda presided over the matter and subsequently granted the order without any knowledge that some of the beneficiaries of the property were not consulted or informed about the decision. When news went round that an order for sale has been granted, which have the potential of affecting some of the beneficiaries, a Law Firm was contacted to file papers in court on behalf of the affected beneficiaries, stating that the order for the sale of the property should be looked into and some of the beneficiaries to the property also have the legitimate right to be heard if the court would look into the matter impartially as the other direct beneficiaries who have joined the defendants in the matter are equally interested and have a case to present in court. They are hurt, abandoned and neglected deprived to be heard when the matter was initially before the court.
The Law Firm representing the beneficiaries filed the necessary legal papers and contacted Justice Kamanda who was quoted to have said that he has no objection to whatever issues the beneficiaries intended to bring for the attention of the court and argue. The unsolved mystery now is that the case file has been reportedly missing in court. Last Friday, Lawyer Fio Edwards contacted through a telephone conversation one of the beneficiaries when he saw a public notice being published in the Standard Times Newspaper regarding the sale of 67, Pademba Road. He informed the beneficiary that his clients are going ahead with the sale because an order for sale had been granted. That notwithstanding, the beneficiary replied “We want the court to hear our own side and put a hold on the sale until their version relating to the property is heard” Lawyer Showers who is representing the interested beneficiaries reported that the matter cannot proceed without the file, so the stalemate can only be resolved when the file is discovered and Lawyer Fio Edwards has muted that interested buyers want to go ahead. The beneficiaries are requesting Lawyer Fio Edwards to help locate the file so that the concerns of the beneficiaries can be heard.
Up to press time there is no news about the discovery of the file and what has been revealed which buyers of the property must know is that documents recently prepared for which the court granted the order are fake and fraudulent, and if the court decides to further any investigation it would come to realize that the applicants committed the offence of perjury.
This is not the first time for case files of sensitive and controversial matters are reportedly missing and later discovered. It is hope that the case file of 67 Pademba Road would be found. If the property is sold prior to the discovery of the case file, Lawyer Fio Edwards is expected to clinch 10% from the proceeds of either Le900/Le800 Million depending on the equilibrium, excluding payments for legal fees and the preparation of a new conveyance for the buyer. All these payments would not be enjoyed by the beneficiaries, but the Lawyers who become the immediate principal beneficiaries.

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