After spending sixteen (16) frustrating years in the United States of America (USA) he only returned to his country of birth to perfect the surviving skills he learnt. Those survival skills if not cautiously applied would land him in disgrace. Prior to his recognition as Paramount Chief Sheku Magba, the 3rd Generations of the Magba Descendants, he was like a “feather weight” in a battle contest with less or no recognition from his immediate surroundings, but after he has perfected his skills of duping and scooping money from his unsuspecting victims, PC Sheku Magba 111 has imagined himself to be stronger than the President of Sierra Leone and looking upon himself as a lecturer of Governance and can teach the APC Government about Governance. Why the Government should give free hands to him and other Paramount Chiefs to manage areas with large deposits of gold and other valuable minerals.

Paramount Chief Sheku Magba 111 is fast becoming notorious and unpopular in his trade, with no iota of fear that one day he would run out of luck when his cup would have “runneth over”. Embroiled in a US$50,000 scandal scooped from a foreign business man from neighboring Nigeria, he was quick to describe the money as a “hand-shake” for a project that never materialized.
The Diang Chief is now accusing Government officials, especially those at the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources of sidelining his Chiefdom when it comes to issuing out Mining Lease Agreements. “As a Chiefdom we have no idea how our lands are been giving away to investors, who makes the decision and how it is done. I am not sure that this is how we should operate as a Country and there is need for Government to rethink those actions. Not thinking of how to refund money he scooped, but blaming Government of Sideling his Chiefdom, thus creating the impression on the minds of his subjects that the APC Government of Ernest Bai Koroma has either not done, or thinking of any development project for his Chiefdom.
Happily relaxed comfortably in his Chair, he lashed out at the Government, but did not say he would refund what he took in a way that could be described as akin to criminality.
Reacting to allegations of embezzlement in the sum of US$50,000, equivalent to (Le150,000,000.00)One Hundred and Fifty Million Leones scooped for a piece of land in his Chiefdom, Chief Magba said since the money was a “hand-shake” he had already shared it among his subjects when he collected it in 2013. The Company in 2013 was introduced to the Chief of the Koinadugu District by Raymond Kamara for the extraction of gold, a process that never took off the ground. After the meeting the Chief and his people requested from the Company to pay the sum of US$50,000 for the land and since payment was made the piece of land has not been made available to the foreign investors.
Investigations by this medium show that most of the land space in the Diang Chiefdom had been leased out by the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources with current agreement and it would be difficult for new investors to acquire any part of it. Whether this was to the knowledge of PC Sheku Magba prior to scooping the huge sum of money from the Company is another story altogether.
Furthering his defence he emphasized that the money collected was a “hand-shake” and claimed that every penny had since been shared among those that should benefit from it. He claimed that officials at the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources have never visited the chiefdom to talk to the people about Lease Agreements that the Government has entered into with foreign or local investors on behalf of the chiefdom.
“My chiefdom is rich in gold and iron ore but we are not benefiting from it due to the manner in which land Lease Agreements are entered into, and added that nobody in his Chiefdom knows about Government Lease Agreement and if there is anyone, it is not to his knowledge.
“We don’t even know how it is done and it only came to our notice when this Company came to mine and invest in gold in our Chiefdom. With this kind of arrangement, poverty will continue amongst the people who depend on the land to survive and make a living”.
“We are not averse to development or giving away our land for development but we should be consulted if our land is to be leased out or give away for investment” he said, “Our position as Paramount Chiefs is useless and this will have a negative effect on our people.
PC’s participation is key in all of those and that is the reason why are asking Government to allow us participate in our own development” He remarked. As chiefdom we have been embarrassed by the action of Government and the Ministry of Mines. This is not good for development; therefore we are calling on Government to reverse this kind of situation.

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