Unlawful Dismissal at Petroleum Directorate as Corporate Lawyer and Accountant go without benefits

“Scapgotism” was the tool used in the unlawful dismissal without benefits of two professional employees of the Petroleum Directorate. It was last week when this medium published in its front page an article that exposed the frivolous spending of the Director General of the Petrol Directorate, Mr. Raymond S. Kargbo who has been using and living a happy-lucky-go-high time life in the country’s budding institution at a time when the country is economically bleeding and suffering from an austerity disease. The publication highlighted the sum of US$7,000 (Seven Thousand United States Dollars) used for the purchase of air tickets to and from the United Kingdom for vacation.
Additionally, vacation leave to the tune of about Two Hundred Million Leones was scooped from the Petroleum Directorate account at the Skye Bank as leave benefits for the same Director General. It would be recalled that Mr. Raymond Kargbo was at the forefront in leveling criticisms against the former Finance Director, Mr. Karefa Kargbo, which led to his sacking. In his letter to President Koroma, he claimed that Mr. Karefa Kargbo was financially disrespectful and wasteful. The accusation prompted an investigation which subsequently led to Mr. Karefa Kargbo’s sacking with benefits, unlike the two professional employees who have been shown the exit door without benefits on allegation that they were leaking information and documents to the media.
What has baffled the reading public on hearing about the unlawful dismissal without benefits of Lawyer Adekule King who has worked for over five years at the Petroleum unit and Ishmeal Sesay the Accountant who has worked for three years with unblemished record is what proof of leaking information to the media can Director General Raymond Kargbo has to show that these individuals have been involved in this kind of act.
The general conclusion by a section of the reading public is that Director General Raymond Kargbo is using State House to get rid of key personnel for personal reasons unconnected with competence and professionalism that he is not comfortable with as he got rid of Karefa Kargbo, to clear the way for those he has promised jobs that he want to bring onboard the Directorate. It may surprise the reading public that the Director General used some of these employees to dupe State House and the office of the President under whose supervision the Petroleum Directorate is operating.
The claim was that Mr. Raymond Kargbo was getting more lucrative pay and remuneration in Ghana that what he is getting as pay/salary and remuneration in Sierra Leone. Because Sierra Leone is his country of birth, he made the sacrifice. This information was never cross-checked with Mr. Raymond Kargbo’s previous employer, but because they wanted him for the job, every bit of it was swallowed hook, line and sinker.
With over US$20 Million in the account of the Petroleum Directorate at the Skye Bank, there are lots of money to spend recklessly and those that Mr. Raymond Kargbo feels threatened about are shown the exit door with unsubstantiated allegations. It is apparent that State House seems to be supporting him on every allegation levied against employees of the Petroleum Directorate, even if it means to sack them without pay, it can be done with no check or balance.
Some of his supporters have described him as an honest Sierra Leonean who wants to push the oil business in Sierra Leone forward, but how can he be an honest person when some companies are complaining that they paid money for oil blocks that they never received. Documentary evidence in the possession of this medium speaks loudly and one of the companies has direct link to the President of the Lebanese Community, Samir Hassanyeh
In the case of the two professionals that have been unlawfully dismissed without benefits, sources say legal papers are being put together to take the matter to Court and there are every indications that the Director General of the Petroleum Directorate will be the 1st Defendant of the action.
In a similar vein, John Conteh of the National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) who was dismissed unlawfully and illegally by the Authority against a pending and viable contract has taken the matter to court.
Mr. John Conteh, the Plaintiff has sued the Managing Director of the Authority for unlawful dismissal without benefits. Damages and compensation for the unlawful action has been estimated to the tune of over Le500 Million. Substituted service has been granted by the Court. It is hope that similar action would be implemented in the case of Lawyer Adekule King and Ishmeal Sesay

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