TIMBER “MAGGOT” IN FINANCIAL FRAUD: 350 containers in china without dollar payments

Mr. Mike Guo is a Chinese national hustling and bustling in Sierra Leone that he discovered to be fallow ground with less hassle, he can make millions of Leones and ship to his country of birth. He is a clever-smart Chinese national who thought to himself that he cannot execute his plan well without bringing onboard a Sierra Leonean citizen. Luck was on his side when he captured one of the daughters of the late Bailor Barrie in blessed memory.

It was the gene from the father that was transferred to the daughter who has now perfected the plan of Mike Guo with the name Fatmeh Barrie-Guo, pictured in this edition examining something that looks like a Gem stone. Mrs. Fatmeh Barrie –Guo is known for her dribbling qualities, which is where she lays great emphasis that make her looks like a fraudster. She is also known for her sugar- coated tongue, that she uses to sway innocent and unsuspecting business partners and workers in her employment, be it contract workers or not she has the knack to paralyze them with her smiles, boastful comments and honey –coated tongue. She represent the true character of squealer of the Animal Farm fame, portrayed by Eric Blair.
She uses these qualities as the key part of her survival skills, thus leaving so many homes to suffer. One of her recent victim, a private employee of the Queen Elizabeth Quay 11, named Ibrahim Aziz Kamara fondly known as KELI. Narrating his ordeal with Fatmeh Barrie Guo would forced any business individual to keep his/her distance from her, especially if one has a focus and doesn’t want to soil his/her hand with pieces of evidence that are akin to criminality or corruption. At the criminal Investigation Department,(CID) she is seen as the “Madam” of the department and report about her would stop at the walls and not even sit on the take for authorities to gaze at it. Mr. Ibrahim Aziz Bangura became more frustrated when the police he was looking up to for a rescue mission turned out to be the “babysitter” of Mrs. Fatmeh Barrie –Guo. Every day after making an official report against her he was told to go home and come again until he became tired and exhausted. At State House, all doors were closed before he could even knock at anyone to make an official report or ask for assistance to get his Le115, 000.000.00(One Hundred And Fifteen Million Leones plus US$30,000.00 (Thirty Thousand Leones) paid to him for legitimate work done at the Queen Elizabeth Quay 11

In the timber industry, Mrs. Fatmeh Barrie-Guo has carved a name for herself leading to the establishment of a timber company she called CCFG Consultancy. This consultancy has become the den of depriving innocent and unsuspecting people. It was this company that a total of 350 containers loaded with timber products that were shipped to China some few years back. The shipping of those containers was done by Ibrahim Aziz Bangura and was to receive US$100.00 for each container. This excludes payment of customs and other obligations. She sweet talked Ibrahim to use his personal funds to realize her financial dream and after achieving that, she started dribbling him left, right and centre(To be Continued)

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