By Sidique Sesay.

Reports coming from Makeni has alleged that the Ruling Government Party All Peoples Congress (APC) Youth Chairman was ambushed by Sierra Leone’s vibrant opposition ( SLPP ) Sierra Leone People Party Zone – Youth Leader during their political rally ahead of Saturday’s Zone Bye-Election in that part of the country.

The Party’s Media (APC) and Communications Unit on Monday accused the opposition ( SLPP ) of demonstrating a culture of “barbarism” that was “transmitted by their fore fathers” of hiring thugs to beat-up, molest, victimize and harass their opponents (including ADP supporters).

The Sierra Leone Police have arrested SLPP supporters after causing great causality on APC supporters and left the ruling party youth leader to the point of death and burning of the APC Youth Office in Makeni.

It’s reported that the AIG North has order the arrest of Mr. Anter Turay and ask all Sierra Leone to please collaborate with the law to hand over the SLPP zone youth leader to the police as he is on the run.

Notwithstanding the warrant arrest tag on SLPP Youth Leader, Supporters of All People Party had stumped the resident of Mr. Anter Turay in revenge of their youth leader in response to his brutal beating and vandalization of the APC Youth Office.

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