“…the Inspector General Knows About it”
Report reaching the Standard Times has revealed that the people of Bo are not happy with the modus operandi of the family support unit in the Bo West Police Division. While the unhappiness of the people has become evident in their performances at the Family Support Unit (FSU) Inspector Mustapha Gogra (Jr). The line manager is currently thinking how to save his neck from the bundle of allegations that have been levied against him and his officers.
Report of bribery, kangaroo court, compromising cases of sexual abuses and unfair treatment has now become a way of life for the administration to enrich themselves which the Bo community is frowning and unhappy about.
Since Inspector Mustapha Gogra (Jr) assumed the office of his predecessor Inspector Sesay who is also believed to be a corrupt line manager, there has been lots of criticism with regards his operations and the level of corrupt practices that perpetuated the FSU administration has become a cause for concern which has led noisy Journalists to expose the ills of his administration.
It could be recalled that sometime this year; a suspect was released for an alleged sexual penetration after the line manager allegedly received the sum of Three Hundred Thousand Leones. Reports further claimed that most cases which are to be charged to court are swept under the carpet for selfish reasons. Standard Times investigation has revealed that most complainants are disgusted and frustrated over the behavioral pattern of the line manager and his administration.
Report furthered that his unprofessional behavior, coupled with his lackadaisical attitude and mal administration has been channeled to the office of the Inspector General of Police, but it would appear that the office is pampering such unprofessionalism, which is not good for the image of the Sierra Leone Police.
Though Inspector Mustapha Gogra Jr may have described himself as a corrupt free officer and moving the administration of the Family Support Unit, but the general public is crying foul as a result of the unholy practices and high level of unprofessionalism displayed by the office, which correspondingly is affecting marital homes and wedded couples in Bo and its environs.
It is further alleged that the line manager and his investigators are constantly in the habit of demanding money for paper, pens and other stationeries and subsequently demanding exorbitant amount of money from Complainants. As if that is not enough, money is also demanded prior to obtaining statements from them.
The Head of the Family Support Unit has been described as the most corrupt Police officer ever n the history of that department in what many has been referring to as a “Force for Good” In this regard the people of Bo city are calling on the Inspector General of police and to urgently salvage the ugly situation.
When a representative of this medium contacted the line manager at his office to cross check the allegations, he created an ugly scenario which interrupted the whole investigation pointing out that he is untouchable and will not comment on the allegation. Go and write whatever you want to, the Inspector General of Police knows what is going on here and he is comfortable with that” He remarked.

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