US CITIZEN IN ESTATE FRAUD: Lawyer denies involvement

The Estate of the late Mrs Sylvia Sankoh, which is located at Mems Street, is still the subject of conflict between an international property grabber, a US citizen and family members of the deceased. Angela Robinson a United States of America Citizen is laying claims on the premises, with a Letter of Administration prepared by Lawyer Elvis Kargbo. She instructed her lawyer to issue out a notice to quit against tenants occupying the premises.
The tenant, The We Yone TV was shocked when the letter to quit was received, with instructions that failing to comply with the instructions would leave the owner with no alternative but to institute legal proceedings against them. They contacted family members and explained to them, which propelled the elders of the family to be awakened from their sleep as they come to realize that the only asset left for them by their deceased sister is about to be taken from them in a clever, but criminal way. Angela Robinson was the legal parent of the deceased who assisted her to settle down in America.
While the late Sylvia Gladys Sankoh had settled down, Angela Robinson allegedly seized all her documents including that of her Permanent Residence (GREEN CARD) document and demanded that she refunds every dollar spent on her to travel to the United States of America, failing which she allegedly threatened to destroy each and every one of them and render her an undocumented alien, which could have caused her to be deported if caught by the US Immigration and Naturalization Services. Left with no alternative but to comply with her demands and refunded monies claimed was spent on her traveling to America.
After some years of hard work, the late Mrs Sylvia Sankoh became a successful Sierra Leonean woman operating a Local African Store and a Foreign Exchange Bureau in Virginia and a house and land in Sierra Leone. Recently she fell ill and diagnosed with a terminal disease.
She could not survive the disease and she died and her corpse was flown to Freetown and buried in her place of birth at Mambolo. Family sources say it was Angela Robinson who traveled with the corpse to Sierra Leone for burial and she promised to meet with family members of the deceased after the burial, but never did until when they learned that she had secured a Letter of Administration, claiming to be the NEXT OF KIN of her deceased friend.
Angela Robinson had used the legal service of Lawyer Elvis Kargbo in a very deceptive way, according to sources close to the law firm. She claimed to be in possession of a POWER of ATTORNEY, which according to her was issued to her by her deceased friend and further informed the legal practitioner that prior to her friend’s death, she nominated her as her NEXT OF KIN who will take care of her funeral arrangement and everything she had owned. This statement had been proven to be false and totally inaccurate as the deceased medical bills and travel to Jamaica for medical treatment to her brother and back to the United States of America and eventual death and trip to Sierra Leone for burial was undertaken by a Humanitarian Organization in Virginia and the brother of the deceased who is a medical Doctor in Jamaica and not Angela Robinson.
Sources at the Law Firm of Betts and Berewa where Lawyer Elvis Kargbo is a senior practitioner explained that the claimant, Angela Robinson lied and refused to disclose true and relevant information. It would be recalled that after the death of Mr. Abu Peter Sankoh in 2008, husband of the late Sylvia Sankoh it was Lawyer Elvis Kargbo who prepared a Letter of Administration for the late deceased wife for the same premises at Mems Street and if Angel Robinson had disclosed that it was the same premises, the lawyer would not have prepared the legal document for her especially when there was no transfer of the premises, no conveyance or receipt of purchase, indicating that she has bought the premises from the deceased prior to her death.
According to Lawyer Kargbo, Angela Robinson walked into his Chamber and requested that she needs a Letter of Administration for a property at MEMS Street. She did not disclose that it was the property of the deceased, but lied that it was a family property which she wanted to secure a Letter of Administration as she is the eldest of the family and children of both of parents; she wanted to straighten up things before returning to Maryland in the United States of America.
From investigations conducted by this medium and interviews, it is evident that Angela Robinson did not make honest disclosures to Lawyer Elvis Kargbo about the property and all her effort and ambition was to use a legal channel to acquire what she did not merit and almost succeeded in doing so by falsely declaring and duping a very senior legal practitioner in the Country.
Lawyer Elvis Kargbo would not wait to be told to recluse himself or maintain an appropriate distance from a dishonest client. Family members of the late Sylvia Sankoh are requesting that the quit notice issued against their tenant of the Mems Street Premises on behalf of the dishonest and fraudulent client be withdrawn for the tenants to enjoy a peaceful stay.
Meanwhile, the personnel of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) are now looking into several reports made against Angela Robinson and possible charges to be slammed on her if there is sufficient evidence to charge her to court even in absentia. Statements have already been obtained from very senior members of the deceased.
According to sources in America, this is not the first time that Angela Robinson is laying claims on properties left behind by deceased friends and relatives. She did the same thing to the family of her former husband, the late Tapsi Conteh who died in the United States of America

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