No Mass Grave Burial at Waterloo: WARDC Chairman Confirms

August 25, 2017 0 By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

BY Mustapha Sesay
WARDC grave diggers on Wednesday preparing the site for the burial of the mudslide victims
The chairman of the Western Area Rural District Council (WARDC), Alhassan Cole have on Wednesday 16th August 2017, confirmed to this medium that the rumours that spread earlier on Wednesday that there will be a mass burial for victims who suffered the strategic death from landslide and flooding on Monday 14th August, 2017 is false and not true.
He made this statement during an interview conducted at the grave site of the Ebola cemetery at Paloko village in Waterloo, Western Area District of Freetown.

“The government decided that they wanted to have a monumental site that all the corpses will be buried so that every year, government will be able to pay respect to these victims. That is the reason why government decided to choose the Ebola cemetery to serve as a monumental site for the mudslide victims,” he said.
There is no definite number on the amount of corpses to be buried, but the WARDC make provisions for three hundred individual graves. He denied the rumours of mass burial and confirmed that three hundred corpses will be buried individually.
The Chairman also responded on allegations that on Tuesday 15th August, 2017, that there were mass burial at the grave site by saying that council did not do any mass burial and will never do such act.
He further revealed that on Thursday 17th August, the president along with other government officials will be here to give a befitting burial to all the victims of the mudslide and flooding.
He said the president is not going to encourage anything like mass grave.
It is the concern of the council to make sure that measures are put in place so that these victims will be giving a befitting burial, since council is here to deliver services to his people he revealed. He said that council is not there to make gains or names but to render services to the people.
He appeals to the public to take the lead and not to take advantage of situations but to sympathize with the victims and their families.