Sierra Leone to host Karate Zone-2 Championship

By Alie Sonta Kamara
The Sierra Leone has won the bid to host the 4th edition of Zone-2 Karate Championship which is designed to take place in April 2018.
As Karate makes its first appearance as an Olympic sport at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, the President of the Sierra Leone Karate Federation, Shihan Victor Amara is leading the effort to change the history of the art amidst growing concerns about bringing athletes together to achieve a common purpose.

For honouring tournament invitations and for Shihan Amara’s role in promoting Karate in West Africa, Sierra Leone has won the bid to host the 4th edition of Zone-2 Karate Championship which is scheduled to take place early next year.
In his tenure, the country has won numerous medals including one gold, three silvers, twenty bronzes and two fair play trophies.
In the Zone-2 Tournament held in Guinea this year, our locals won eleven medals, one silver and ten bronzes to add glory to the pedigree of the Federation.
Shihan Amara has spent thirty-five years in Karate going through the ranks of Sempai, Sensei to Shihan (a teacher of masters in the art). He is the current leader of the Zone-2 Africa Championship and the modern founder of Karate in Sierra Leone, Ghana, the Gambia and Liberia. Several Senseis here and beyond have gone through him.
Meanwhile, effort to hold talks with the Minister of Sports Ahmed Khanou and other partners will soon get underway.
The Tokyo 2020 tournament will feature two events, Kumite and Kata. Sixty competitors from around the world will compete in the Kumite competition and 20 will compete in the Kata competition. Both divisions of competition will be split equally between men and women. The quest to bring karate to the Olympics began in the 1970’s by Jacques Delcourt.
It is in this drive that the National Olympic Committee has officially approved the Sierra Leone Karate chapter to join the global federation in sending athletes to break record in their first ever Olympic entrance.

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